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Chionanthus cultivars

Chionanthus virginicus is a deciduous, native shrub or small tree with a spreading, rounded habit that typically grows 12-20 feet tall and most often occurs in rich, moist woods and hillsides and moist stream banks. The common name fringetree refers to the slightly fragrant, spring flowers which feature airy, terminal, drooping clusters of fringe-like, creamy white petals. Fringetrees are dioecious (separate male and female plants), but also may have perfect flowers on each plant. Male flowers are showier than female flowers. Plants with perfect or female flowers may give way to clusters of olive-like fruits which ripen to a dark, bluish black in late summer and are a food source for birds and wildlife. Cultivars from the Chinese cousin is also available.
Exposure: Full sun or light shade
Soil: Tolerates wide variety of soils
Hardiness: USDA Zone 5-8
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