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Sabal minor

Dwarf palmetto favors the wet alluvial soil in swamps and river bottoms in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and North Carolina and is the only member of the palm family native to Oklahoma. This very slow growing, ground-hugging rugged fan palm produces pale green or bluish fan-like, evergreen leaves atop spineless stems arising from a crown of underground roots reaching 4 to 6 feet high or more. Flowers are yellowish-white in late spring followed by edible black, BB-sized fruits that taste like dates.
Dwarf palmetto provides interest and variety to a damp, shaded place. Although this plant grows native in areas of high to moderate moisture, once established it is fairly drought tolerant. It is the most cold-tolerant Sabal. In the landscape it works well as a specimen plant, in mass plantings, or in containers.
Exposure: Sun, part shade (best in part shade)
Soil: Organically rich, moderately fertile, moist
Hardiness: USDA Zone 7-10
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