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Plumbago auriculata

Cape plumbago or cape leadwort, is native to South Africa. It is a weak-stemmed perennial evergreen shrub that grows 6-7’ tall and 8-10’ wide in its native habitat but is treated as an annual where it more typically grows 1-3’ per year. Cape plumbago can be grown in containers and moved indoors during the winter. It is often kept relatively compact through periodic pruning and/or a hard annual pruning if grown in a pot and moved indoors during winter. Clusters of pale sky-blue phlox-like flowers bloom freely throughout the growing season. ‘Alba’ is a white flowering form, ‘Imperial Blue’ has large clusters of deep sky-blue flowers, ‘Monott’ has huge clusters of vivid deep blue flowers. Flowers attract butterflies.
Exposure: Full sun to shade
Soil: Moist, well-drained
Hardiness: Use as an annual
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