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2019 Tree Selection

Vanderwolf's Limber Pine
Vanderwolf’s Pyramid’ limber pine is an evergreen tree with a pyramidal habit that typically grows 20-30 feet tall and about 10-15 feet wide. The specific epithet and common name is in reference to the flexible (limber) branchlets/twigs. 

2019 Shrub Selection

Double Take series, Flowering Quince
Flowering quince in the Double Take™ series are hardy, deciduous shrubs reaching 4 to 5 feet high and at least as wide. Plants in the Double Take™ series produce a profusion of early spring double flowers that resemble camellias. 

2019 Perennial Selection

Rattlesnake Master
Rattlesnake Master is a native species to the tall grass prairies. Leaves of rattlesnake master are parallel-veined, bristly-edged, sword-shaped, medium green leaves (to 3' long) resembling those of yucca. Flowers are greenish-white and tightly packed into globular, 1" diameter heads resembling thistles.

2019 Annual Selection

Graffiti series, Star Flower
Considered to be the most uniform in habit as well as bloom time, Graffiti® comes in several colors, pink, purple, bright red, rose and white and grows to 16 inches high and 12 inches wide making it a great plant for containers or in a flower bed.
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