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2016 Collector's Choice Selection

Deciduous Magnolia
Deciduous forms of magnolia are spectacular additions to any spring landscape. Flowers of deciduous magnolias appear just before or while the leaves are emerging in spring. 

2016 Tree Selection

Escarpment Live Oak
Escarpment live oak is a smaller version of the coastal live oak (Q. virginiana) growing slowly to 20 to 40 feet high and about as wide with picturesquely gnarled branches and evergreen leaves. 

2016 Shrub Selection

Color Guard Variegated Yucca
Yucca is virtually a stemless evergreen shrub native to the southeast. ‘Color Guard’ is a gold-centered, variegated form with upright sword-shaped leaves that provide striking architectural features to the garden. 

2016 Perennial Selection

Sedges belong to the genus Carex, which is a genus of many species, most from wet areas such as bogs. Sedges have triangular, grass-like stems and panicles of short flower spikes. 

2016 Annual Selection

Annual Vinca (improved, resistant varieties)
Annual vinca, also goes by Madagascar periwinkle and other common names, tolerates the heat and humidity of the southeast. Flower colors come in shades of white, pink, red, and purple. 
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