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2012 Collector's Choice Selection

Sumac Collection
Sumacs are native to Oklahoma and these selections have unique characteristics. Tiger Eyes® is bright lime green to yellow all summer, turning brilliant bronzy red in fall.

2012 Tree Selection

Chinkapin Oak
A native oak growing throughout most of Oklahoma and eastward, chinkapin oak is a rather attractive shade tree that grows 40 to 50 feet high and wide in the landscape.

2012 Shrub Selection

Juniper Collection
This collection represents the very diverse genus Juniperus, which has several species and many cultivars within each species.

2012 Perennial Selection

Arkansas Bluestar
Arkansas bluestar is native to eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas, but does well throughout the state. It is tolerant of moist soils and is quite drought tolerant once established.

2012 Annual Selection

Magilla™ Perilla
Known for its brightly colored leaves of dark purple to hot pink and green, Magilla™ Perilla is a vigorous annual.
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