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2007 Tree Selection

Oklahoma Redbud
A cultivar of Oklahoma’s state tree, ‘Oklahoma’ was discovered in the Arbuckle Mountains and was selected for the incredible magenta flowers that cover the tree in early spring.

2007 Shrub Selection

Southern Waxmyrtle
Southern Waxmyrtle is a broad-leaved evergreen native to the southeast corner of Oklahoma and along much of the eastern coastal plain.

2007 Perennial Selection

Comanche Campfire Evening Primrose
This species of Evening Primrose is native to western Oklahoma and ‘Comanche Campfire’ was selected for its ability to produce beautiful yellow flowers above red petioles and silver foliage.

2007 Annual Selection

Blanket Flower
Gaillardia is a genus of native wildflowers that have captivated gardeners with bright red and yellow flowers and an ability to bloom in hot, dry conditions.
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