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2006 Tree Selection

Prairifire Crabapple
Few trees have as much year-round interest as the crabapple and few crabapples are as beautiful and disease resistant as ‘Prairifire’.

2006 Shrub Selection

Diabolo® Ninebark
Diabolo® is a cultivar of ninebark prized for its deep maroon foliage, which contrasts nicely with the clusters of white flowers produced in the spring and is a great companion for gold or chartreuse-leaved plants.

2006 Perennial Selection

Golden Jubilee Anise Hyssop
‘Golden Jubilee’ is a cultivar of the North American native commonly known as anise hyssop.

2006 Annual Selection

Wishbone Flower, Summer Wave™ Series
The Summer Wave™ Series is a collection of hybrid Torenia, or wishbone flowers, that thrive in the summer heat.
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