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The Oklahoma Pecan Management Program provides Oklahoma pecan growers and interested others access to information pertinent to Oklahoma pecans. This includes OSU fact sheets, publications, news, courses, videos and links to other materials pertaining to orchard establishment, management, pest control and youth activities. Real-time pecan management recommendations are offered in accordance with local weather through the statewide automated weather-monitoring network, Oklahoma Mesonet.
Native pecans growing wild in Oklahoma are generally well adapted to the area in which they grow. The most limiting factor for native production is normally overcrowding. Improved cultivars may have other management needs including pesticide applications, crop load management as well as increased fertilizer and irrigation needs. Selecting cultivars most adapted to the various regions in Oklahoma will help provide a successful venture.

Pecan Management Courses

The purpose of the course is to provide an in-depth experience for current and prospective pecan growers and others, which includes classroom instruction and field practical exercises on pecan management throughout the growing season.
Over 700 pecan growers and OCES County Extension Educators have completed the Oklahoma Pecan Management Course since it originated in 1997. The classes are held monthly from March through October except in June. Students consist of present or prospective pecan growers.
Students receive instruction on total orchard management programs for native and improved variety pecan cultivars and pest management programs are covered in depth. Emphasis is placed on utilization and management tools available on the internet.

Oklahoma Pecan Management Announcements

2023 Oklahoma State Pecan Show

October 5, 2023

Enter your best pecans in the 2023 Oklahoma State Pecan Show to compete for Best in Show!

Native Pecan Field Day

September 6, 2023

The Leon Bailey Family, Oklahoma State University Pecan Management, Okfuskee County Extension, and the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association are hosting a Native Pecan Field Day on October 12 from 2:30-6 p.m.

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