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Add a fun twist to your drink with any one of these flavored waters!




Fill a pitcher or canning jar with water and ice about half full. Prepare and add the flavoring ingredients of your choice from the list below or from what you have on hand. Be sure to wash produce and herbs before adding to the container. Add more water if needed. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours for flavors from the fruits, vegetables or herbs to infuse the water. Serve the water and remember to eat the fruit too. 


Flavor Options

Strawberry Basil: Cut and chop strawberries and fresh basil leaves. Start with fewer leaves and add more until desired taste is achieved.
Lime and Basil: Slice limes and cut up basil.Three flavored waters in mason jars on a table.
Mint and Cucumber: Slice cucumbers and crush mint.
Pineapple Orange with Ginger: Cube fresh pineapple, slice orange and grate fresh ginger.
Rosemary Watermelon: Chunk watermelon and scrunch rosemary sprigs to release flavor.
Raspberry and Pineapple: Cut up a fresh pineapple and wash fresh raspberries. Add fruit to container. 
Sage and Blackberry: Wash the fresh blackberries and sage leaves. 

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