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Introducing Class IX Participants

Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program

Class IX Participants

Frankie L. Allen | Hendrix

Dennis S. Avery | Rose

Dana J Bay | Woodward

Edward E. Bowman | Deceased

Scott A. Bulling | Mulhall

Roger M. Callison | Fitzhugh

Kevin L. Dale | Durant

Weston O. Givens | Arnett

Lea Ann Halliburton | Gage

Bobby Joe Hartin | Madill

Barbara L. Heidebrecht | Park Hill

Jason W. Hitch | Stillwater

Paul G. Jackson | Ringling

Beck N. Johnson | Weatherford

Greg G. Justice | Stillwater

Jeff A. Krehbiel | Deceased

Jackie D. Listen | Noble

Larry D. Miller | Weatherford

Joie D. Mills | Coyle

Elton L. Regier | Fairview

Robert P. Schaffler | Watonga

Vickie M. Sprouse (Barby) | Las Cruces, NM

Lori Michelle Stephens | Weatherford

Michael D. Terry | Gate

Rodney R. Wanger | Deceased

Justin A. Whitefield | Deceased

Connie A. Whitmore | Coyle

Charles J. Wieland | Hydro

Angela S. Williams | Paoli

Bret L. Wilson | Stillwater


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