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There are two types of forms that need to be submitted:  Application Form and Reference Forms. The preferred method for completing and submitting these forms is electronically. The forms have boxes to fill in which will expand as you type. Submitting them electronically also provides us an electronic signature when you send them by e-mail so that you do not have to print and sign the documents.  The forms can also be printed, filled-in by hand, signed, and sent to us by surface mail or fax. Completed forms are to be submitted by May, 1, 2023.


There are up to two (2) steps to the application process:

  1. Application Form to be completed by program applicant

  2. Reference Forms (4) are required.  
    If you are self-employed (production agriculture or agricultural-related business), one reference must be from a banker/lender or someone who is familiar with the financial aspects of your farming or business practice.  
    If you are self-employed and have a business partner(s), at least one of your partners must also submit a reference.  
    If you are employed at an agricultural-related business, one reference must be from your employer.  
    Additional references are your choice.  
    Reference forms are to be submitted directly by the reference person.  Again, our preferred method is for these forms to be completed electronically and submitted via e-mail by your reference. Alternatively, we suggest that you include a stamped envelope addressed to our office along with the form you give to your reference or provide our Fax number when you ask someone to complete the form.


Candidates Must:

  • Be 25 years of age or older
  • Reside in Oklahoma
  • Be actively engaged in production agriculture or in an agribusiness occupation
  • Agree to attend all seminars unless prevented by serious illness or family emergency
  • Pay the $2,000 participation fee (partial scholarships may be available)
  • Full-time producers may qualify for a waiver of a portion of this fee
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