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An entomologist sweeping alfalfa for insectsIntegrated Pest Management can be thought of as “Intelligent Pest Management,” backed by science and designed to provide safe, effective, economical and sustainable solutions that protect people, pets and resources from pests. IPM makes use of the latest research-based biological, cultural, mechanical, regulatory and chemical tools.


IPM Oklahoma from OSU Extension uses a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing upon scientists and professionals from many applicable fields, to create a first-line resource that can be applied to both agricultural and non-agricultural settings. Program professionals work closely with the Pesticide Safety Education Program to ensure pesticides are used only as needed, and applied in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.


Commercial Agriculture

Access commercial agriculture IPM resources focusing on forage and pastures, livestock and poultry, wheat and small grains, row crops and stored products.


Commercial Horticulture

OSU Extension IPM resources for the state’s commercial horticulture industries, which include production of fruits, vegetables, nuts and green plants that generate approximately $158 million annually to Oklahoma’s economy.


Yard, Landscape and Garden

IPM resources for home and property owners. OSU Extension provides a flexible yard, landscape and garden system for managing pests that is adaptable to any urban or rural environment in Oklahoma.


Household and Structural

Calling pest control. OSU IPM scientists and educators work closely with pest control professionals, state regulatory agencies and homeowners. Home to OSU Extension Pest E-Alerts and other popular, easy-to use educational and informational resources.

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