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Each month we provide tips for horse owners, the latest research on horse health, as well as updates on current events and workshops for horse owners. View the 2023 newsletters below.


April 2023

The April newsletter features:

  • New drug laws
  • Timing deworming
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Mud Matters
  • Infographics: Hoof health
  • Timing of omeprazole administration
  • Buying your first horse



March 2023

The March newsletter features:

  • Managing Thin Horses
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Blanket Science
  • Infographics: Supplement safety
  • Pinworm resistance
  • Comparison of fly control methods
  • Horse Owners Workshop
  • Buying your first horse



February 2023

The February newsletter features:

  • Alfalfa and botulism
  • Oral medications
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Veterinary Behavior for Horses
  • Infographics: Vital signs
  • Comparing expert to novice riders
  • Bedding type and air quality
  • Horse Owners Workshop



January 2023

The January newsletter features:

  • Fecal water syndrome
  • Eye medication
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Sub-epiglottic ulcers
  • Infographics: Winter hair growth
  • Blanketing for hair length
  • Bedding type and air quality
  • Open horse show judges seminar
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