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Each month we provide tips for horse owners, the latest research on horse health, as well as updates on current events and workshops for horse owners. View the 2024 newsletters below.

May 2024

The May newsletter features:

  • Rotational grazing
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Toxic plants found in pasture
  • Infographics: Tornado preparedness
  • Ulcers and body condition scores
  • Hay nets and dental health
  • RAiSE: on online course in equine behavior and emotion
  • Working equitation



April 2024

The April newsletter features:

  • Spring grazing
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Toxic trees found in pasture
  • Infographics: Toxic plants
  • Stall rest and mental health
  • Vaulting



March 2024

The March newsletter features:

  • Feeding Myths
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Toxic plants found in hay
  • Infographics: Environmental parasite control
  • Best bedding for horses
  • Feed type and stereotypies
  • Vaulting



February 2024

The February newsletter features:

  • Donkey nutrition
  • Tack Box Talk podcasts: Microbiome and allergy tests: Is it worth it?
  • Infographics: Parasite resistance
  • The role of GLP-1 in hyperinsulinemia
  • Insulin dysregulated horses response to forage pellets
  • Top 5 barrel runs at NFR (2021)
  • Horse Owners Workshop


2023 Newsletters

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