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Welcome to the Honeybees Program!

Honeybees are a not native to the United States, and are classified as a livestock species. These helpful pollinators generate honey and wax that can be used for food and other products. This site will provide helpful information for those interested in beekeeping as well as established beekeepers.
This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2021-70027-34722.
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Beekeeping Resources

Beekeeping has been increasing in popularity. Whether you are interested in beekeeping, or just want to learn more, we are working to provide accessible resources. In general beekeeping is governed by the Oklahoma Apiary Act, which provides regulations as well as protection for beekeepers. Since bees are livestock, beekeepers can benefit from USDA farm support programs for registered hives. More detailed resources and contact information are available below.
For questions regarding ODADD apiary complaints, inspections and permits, please contact Caroline Nelson, ODAFF Hemp, Apiary, & Restricted Use Pesticide Program Administrator at (405) 522-5974.


Introduction to Beekeeping Online Course
This course is designed to help prepare you with the basics of beekeeping. 

Honeybee Resources


The Oklahoma Department of Ag, Food and Forestry offers assistance to those interested in beekeeping.


ODAFF Apiary Complaint Form

ODAFF Apiary Inspection Request Form

ODAFF Migratory Beekeeper Permit Application

ODAFF Voluntary Beekeeper Registration Application

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Oklahoma State Beekeeping program, or fact sheets, feel free to contact us.

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