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If it becomes necessary to use pesticides in the garden, you want to be sure to use them correctly. Gardeners wanting information on using pesticides properly are just a click away from that vital information.


The Pesticide Environmental Stewardship website, located at, contains information about pesticide use, storage, disposal and handling. It also includes downloadable applicator forms and references to federal laws about pesticide use.


The site provides information for everyone from the most basic user to the more experienced applicator or growers. There’s a section dedicated to homeowners, too.
Coordinated by the Center for Integrated Pest Management at North Carolina State University, the site is the result of a national collaboration. Land-grant universities from several states, along with various other organizations interested in pesticide stewardship, committed to work together to develop, review, and fund the content. The site is housed and maintained at North Carolina State University.


Why is this type of information important? There are fundamental practices of which anyone who uses pesticides should be aware, regardless of who you are, where you live or the pest you’re trying to control. It doesn’t matter if you’re protecting agricultural crops, homegrown vegetables, a lawn or a golf course. Proper use of pesticides is essential and good stewardship should be followed.


Here are a few tips for good stewardship:

  • Read the label before buying the pesticide
  • Buy only enough for one season
  • Store in an area that remains between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Calibrate equipment so it applies at labeled rates
  • Be aware of weather conditions and make application decisions to prevent drift
  • Mixing/loading site should be away from wells, streams and lakes
  • Remain with tank while it is being filled to prevent overfilling and spilling
  • When emptying a container, allow it to drain into the spray tank for 10 seconds after it begins to drip
  • Exceeding the label rate of application is a violation of the law
  • Follow the label each time you mix and use the pesticide
  • Follow the label when storing or disposing of the pesticide

Oklahoma State University Extension offers additional information about integrated pest management.

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