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Oklahoma State University extension offers professional development and education to the public through online courses. A variety of courses are available to meet the needs of those wishing to further their knowledge.


Highlighted Courses

A Practical Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

This course will take a highly practical approach to parliamentary procedure. You will study key terminology and the basics of parliamentary procedure, including making motions, voting, reports, and how to simplify your procedures to work for your group.

Agronomy 101

This is a self-paced, introductory, crop science course. The focus is on basic crop science principles including crop uses, flower structures, and monocots versus dicots. 

Agronomy 102

This is a self-paced introductory crop science course. The focus is on basic crop science principles including parts of a plant and plant categorization. 

Backyard Chickens

This self-paced online course will provide an overview of issues that new poultry owners can expect to face as they select and care for their flocks. The course features interactive learning activities and custom videos.

Basic Training for Food Entrepreneurs

While there is not a specific food business-starting formula, there are some topics every potential food processor should consider. This course teaches participants the steps to starting a food business.

Evaluating Conformation: How a Horse's Form Affects Its Function

A horse's conformation or body structure influences not only its performance ability but also its future soundness. This course will provide key information on the essential elements of assessing conformation.

HACCP Training

This course covers the basics of designing a HACCP plan and is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. Employees responsible for developing or maintaining a HACCP system will benefit from attending.

Introduction to Beekeeping

This course is designed to help prepare you with the basics of beekeeping. Both novice and experienced beekeepers are welcome to enroll online.

Introduction to Beef Cattle Nutrition

This self-paced course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of beef cattle nutrition and prepare you to use this information.  You will learn to create balanced rations using the Cowculator app. 

Introduction to Horse Management

Many first-time horse owners may know very little concerning the optimal health and management of the horse. This course will provide owners key information on four essential elements of horse ownership.

Introduction to Horse Nutrition

This course will provide owners with key information on creating appropriate and safe diets for horses.

Introduction to Prescribed Fire

This a self-paced online training course that will prepare you to conduct a safe and effective prescribed burn. You will learn why fire is a crucial part of a healthy ecosystem and to create a fire plan to meet your land management goals. The course features interactive learning activities and custom videos.

Livestock Risk Protection

This course will take a detailed look at the USDA - Risk Management Agency's Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance program which is specifically designed to protect producers from falling market prices. This course will focus on the use of this product as it relates to cattle producers. 

Managing Backyard Wildlife Problems

This course will address ways to avoid and minimize conflicts between humans and wildlife in urban residential settings in Oklahoma. 

Market Gardening 1: Soil  Management

This is the first course in the Oklahoma Market Gardening School. It offers prospective market gardeners a solid grounding in soil and fertilizer management.

Market Gardening 2: Cool-Season Vegetable Production

This is the second course in the Oklahoma Market Gardening School.  This self-paced e-learning course will introduce you to the basic concepts needed to become successful at producing cool-season vegetable crops. 

Market Gardening 4: Fruit Production

This course is part of the Market Gardening School. It begins with an introduction to fruit crops, including families of fruit, fruit crop inputs, crop establishment, pest management, fertility and water, and harvest.

Quicken for Farm & Ranch Financial Record Keeping

This course leads you through hands-on sessions to develop a simple set of financial records and reports using Quicken. Exercises based on scenarios from a case farm allow you to practice many of the steps that you might use to keep records on your farm or ranch.

Selling Home Bakery Items - What You Need to Know

This interactive online training will help home bakers understand the regulations of the Oklahoma Home Bakery Act. Topics include good manufacturing practices, allergens, labeling, safety and income. The course features interactive learning activities.

Understanding Food Labeling Regulations

This interactive, self-paced course provides critical information about FDA food labeling regulations and other subjects related to commercially produced products made by food companies of all sizes.

Understanding the Whole of County Government

This interactive, self-paced online course will describe the history leading up to Oklahoma statehood and introduce you to the individuals who serve your county.

Here's What Our Learners Are Saying:

Backyard Chickens

“This course was very helpful to me. It used plain language and was still very informative. The videos were simple and to the point, and I appreciated the demonstrations in the videos. The research papers also helped me understand the concepts more in-depth. I'm very glad I took this course.”

- M.A.

Introduction to Prescribed Fire

“This was an excellent course all-around!”

- B.A.

Understanding the Whole of County Government

“Great job on this course. Loved that I could do it from my phone.”

- A.C.


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