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  • Historically, fire occur frequently in Oklahoma, sometimes every year in some areas.
  • Native plants and wildlife rely on environmental changes caused by fire.
  • Fire suppression has inadvertently led to the decline of many native species of animals and plants, while helping others such as the eastern redcedar spread.
  • Eastern redcedar is a volatile fuel that is very difficult for firefighters to extinguish and represents a serious threat to the safety of firefighters and structures.


Prescribed Fire

  • A prescribed fire or controlled burning is intentionally set to achieve land
    management objectives.
  • Properly managed prescribed fires improve habitat for wildlife, remove hazardous fuels to reduce wildfire risk, control invasive plants and improve forage for livestock. Prescribed fire is a cost-effective method to manage land.
  • Prescribed fires are conducted under closely monitored conditions to ensure proper relative humidity and wind speed.


Fire Safety

  • Do not drive into smoke on highways if it impedes your vision.
  • Homeowners can reduce the risk of structural damage or injury from wildfires by following procedures suggested by the National Fire Protection Association via the Firewise program.
  • Plant only nonflammable vegetation and remove flammable debris within 30 feet of your home.
  • Trim trees up from the ground out to a minimum of 150 feet from your home. Remove eastern redcedar entirely within that range.
  • Use nonflammable materials for home siding and roof material.


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