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About the Program

Check and Balance is a money management program designed for bogus check writers who have been mandated to take money management classes. This class also is beneficial for those who are needing research-based money management information.

Topics CoveredThe Check and Balance program helps participants make proper financial decisions by covering important money management topics.

Balancing & Reconciling

Learn how to compare the balances of financial documents to ensure that all are accounts are accurate.

Credit Reporting & Scores

Understand the importance of and how credit reports and scores can affect finances.

Money Management Basics

Prepare for the future by learning how to manage money by keeping records, developing budgets and more.

Money Management Tools

Use special tools to help set financial goals and manage funds.

Pennies Make Dollars (Savings)

"A penny saved is a penny earned." Learn the importance of knowing where and when to save money.

Risk Management (Insurance)

Identifying risks and making sound choices is crucial for money management. Learn which insurances are worth the investment and which ones are not.


Keeping tabs on financial inflows and outflows is a simple trick to money management.

Using Credit

Borrowing money is a risky, yet important way to create a financial future.

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