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Beef and Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Animal Products

December 2006
Publication: P-
Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station
Division of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University



Genetics/Animal Breeding

Growth and Carcass Characteristics of Rambouillet, Dorset x Rambouillet and Romanov x Dorset-Rambouillet Ewes from Fall Lambing

S.Erat, D.S. Buchanan, G.Q. Fitch and W.A. Philips




Effect of Body Weight Gain and Bovine Somatotropin Treatment on Plasma Concentrations of IGF-I in Postpartum Beef Cows

M.J. Prado-Cooper, M.P. Davis, N.M. Long, I. Rubio, R.P. Wettemann, L.J. Spicer


Prenatal Nutrition and Postnatal Growth and Metabolism of Calves

N.M. Long, M.P. Davis, M.J. Prado-Cooper, and R.P. Wettemann



Food Science

A Novel Approach for Rapid Identification and Sequencing of Different Bacteriocins Produced by LAB Based on a Practical ‘Immunity Class’

S. Macwana and P.M. Muriana


The Expression of Recombinant Sheep Prion Protein (RecShPrPC) and its Detection Using Western Blot and Immuno-PCR

S. Thomas, C.  S. Fernando, J. Roach, U. DeSilva and C.  A. Mireles DeWitt


Subtyping of Listeria monocytogenes by Multilocus Sequence Typing and Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE)

K. Kalpana and P.M. Muriana



Nutrition/Management Cow/Calf

Effects of Timing of Weaning in a Fall-Calving System on Performance of Beef Cows and Their Progeny

M.D. Hudson, J.P Banta, D.S. Buchanan, and D.L. Lalman


Effects of Weaning Date and Deworming on Post Weaning Performance of Beef Heifers Grazing Native Range

M.D. Hudson and D.L. Lalman



Nutrition/Management Stocker Cattle

Use of Soybean Hulls as a Complementary Feedstuff to Winter Rye Pasture

K.E. Hales, E.M. Whitley, G.W. Horn, M.D. Childs


Adaptation Period on Wheat Pasture for Positive Live Weight Gains: Fact or Fiction?

B.G. Fieser, J.P. Banta, G.W. Horn, D.L. Lalman, J.R. Kountz, J.D. Steele, and D.E. Williams


Timing of Grazing Termination in Dual-Purpose Winter Wheat Enterprises: Two-Year Summary

B.G. Fieser, G.W. Horn, J.T. Edwards, E.G. Krenzer, Jr., S.A. Schaefer, and J.R. Kountz


Effect of Mineral Supplementation with or without Monensin and Energy Supplementation on Growth Performance of Wheat Pasture Stocker Cattle

B.G. Fieser, G.W. Horn, J.T. Edwards, and J.R. Kountz


Effect of Introduced Microbes and Re-Implant Treatment on Performance of Steers Grazing Mature Alfalfa and Maton Rye Pasture

M.D. Hudson, A.P. Woodruff, G. Highfill, and D.L. Lalman


The Effects of Supplementation and Forage Source on Performance of Steers During Fall Backgrounding

Chuck Coffey, David Lalman, and Dan Childs



Nutrition/Management Feedlot

Effect of Sex at Arrival on Health and Performance of High Risk Calves During a 44-Day Receiving Period

Burciaga-Robles, L.O., D.L. Step, B.P. Holland, M.P. McCurdy, and C.R. Krehbiel


Effects of an Intratracheal Mannheimia haemolytica Challenge on Intake and Nitrogen Balance in Fed or Fasted Steers

Burciaga-Robles, L.O., D.L. Step, B.P. Holland, M. Montelongo, A.W. Confer, J.N. Gilliam, C.L. Goad and C.R. Krehbiel



Nutrition/Management Horse

Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Nutrient Digestibility in Mature Horses Fed Diets with High and Low Concentrate to Hay Ratios

A.M. Brown, S.R. Cooper, D.W. Freeman, and R.G. Teeter



Nutrition/Management Swine

Influence of Dietary Manipulation on DM, N, and P Excretion of Pigs during an Entire Finishing Period

M.B. Lachmann, S.D. Carter, T.A. Buhay, R.P. Cueno, S.K. Jenkins, and Z. Marable

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