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Beef and Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Animal Products

December 2004
Publication: P-1008
Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station 
Division of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources 
Oklahoma State University



Genetics/Animal Breeding

Survey of Ovine Prion Protein (PRNP) Polymorphisms in Oklahoma Sheep
U. DeSilva, X. Guo, D.M. Kupfer, S.C. Fernando, A.T.V. Pillai, F.Z. Najar, S. So, G.Q. Fitch, and B.A. Roe


Physical and Radiation Hybrid Mapping of Porcine Tissue Kallikreins
S.C. Fernando, R.D. Geisert, and U. DeSilva




Changes in Ovarian Follicular Growth During Early Lactation in Holstein Cows
L. J. Spicer, C. C. Francisco, D. Jones and C. S. Chamberlain


Influence of GnRH and Estradiol on Estrus and Luteal Activity of Anestrous Postpartum Beef Cows
I. Rubio, F.J. White, N.H. Ciccioli, and R.P. Wettemann


Effects of Early and Late Fall Calving of Beef Cows on Gestation Length and Pregnancy Rate
D.W. Kastner, F.J. White, I. Rubio, R.P. Wettemann, and D.L. Lalman


Influence of Time of Insemination after the Onset of Estrus on Pregnancy Rate of Beef Heifers
R.P. Wettemann, I. Rubio, F.J. White, D.W. Kastner, and D.L. Lalman


Effect of Growth Hormone on Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF)-I and IGF Binding Protein Production of Bovine Ovarian Granulosa Cells
L.J. Spicer



Food Science

Postmortem Addition of Vitamin E to Processed Meats: Improving Oxidative Stability of Cooked Products
T.M. Wills, C.M. DeWitt, and H. Sigfusson


Subtyping of Listeria monocytogenes by Multilocus Sequence Typing
K. Kalpana, S. Mitra, and P.M. Muriana


Development of a Microplate Fluorescence-Based Assay for Biofilm Forming Strains of Listeria monocytogenes
R.K. Wright and P.M. Muriana


Cloning and Sequencing of the Gene Encoding Curvaticin FS47, an Anti-Listerial Bacteriocin Produced by Lactobacillus curvatus FS47
S. Macwana, L. Ma, M.A. Cousin, and P.M. Muriana


Application of a ‘Universal’ Real-Time Primer for PCR Detection of Listeria monocytogenes from Meats
S. Mitra and P.M. Muriana


Hot Water Deluge System for Pre-package Pasteurization of Frankfurters
P.M. Muriana, W. Robertson, and D. Howard


Effect of Liquid Smoke Extracts on Frankfurters Inoculated with Listeria monocytogenes
S. Gedela, W. Robertson, and P.M. Muriana



Nutrition/Management Cow/Calf

Effects of High-linoleic and Mid-oleic Sunflower Grain Supplements on Performance and Reproduction of Beef Cows and their Calves
J.P. Banta, D.L. Lalman, C.R. Krehbiel, and R.P. Wettemann


Effects of a High-linoleic Sunflower Seed Supplement on Performance and Reproduction of Primiparous Beef Cows and their Calves
J.P. Banta, D.L. Lalman, C.R. Krehbiel, and R.P. Wettemann


Comparing the Accuracy of the Cardy Portable Nitrate Meter with Laboratory Analysis of Nitrate Concentrations in Summer Annual Forages
G.E. Selk, R.C. LeValley, G.A. Highfill, and D.S. Buchanan


Effects of Late-Summer Protein Supplementation and Deworming on Performance of Beef Heifers Grazing Native Range 
D.L. Lalman, J.G. Kirkpatrick, and D.E. Williams


Digestibility Measures on Gestating Beef Cows Supplemented Whole or Rolled Drought Stressed Soybeans
J.D. Steele, D.L. Lalman, and J.P. Banta



Nutrition/Management Stocker Cattle

Effect of Time of Grazing Termination of Winter Wheat Pasture on Cattle Performance and Subsequent Grain Yield
B.G. Fieser, G.W. Horn, E.G. Krenzer, and S.A. Schaefer



Nutrition/Management Feedlot Cattle 

Effects of Cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus (BG2FO4) and Propionibacterium freudenreichii P-63 with or without Levucell SB (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Merit, and Escherichia coli O157:H7 Shedding by Finishing Beef Steers
C.R. Krehbiel, J.S. Ward, D.L. Step, L.J. McBeth, J.B. Morgan, and R.A. Ball


Effect of an Isolated Soy Protein By-Product on Finishing Cattle Performance and Carcass Characteristics
C.R. Krehbiel, R.E. Peterson, L.J. McBeth, J.P. Banta, D.L. Lalman, D.L. Step, H. DePra, C.E. Markham, D.R. Gill, and R.L. Ball


Effect of Cotton Flo and Fuz Zpellet on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Merit, and Feeding Behavior in Feedlot Cattle
C.E. Markham, C.R. Krehbiel, D.R. Gill, and R.L. Ball


Effects of Roughage Source and Particle Size on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Finishing Heifers
C.E. Markham, C.R. Krehbiel, L.O. Burciaga, D.R. Gill, R.E. Peterson, H.A. DePra, and L.J. McBeth


Effect of Zinc Source and Level on Finishing Cattle Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Adipocyte Differentiation
L.J. McBeth, D.R. Stein, A.T.V. Pillai, M.J. Hersom, C.R. Krehbiel, U. DeSilva, R.D. Geisert, J.R. Malayer, J.B. Morgan, C. K. Larson, and R.L. Ball


Effect of Angus and Charolais Sires with Early vs Normal Weaned Calves on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics
L.J. McBeth, M.L. Looper, C.R. Krehbiel, D.L. Step, and R.L. Ball


Effects of Replacing Dry Rolled Corn with Dry Rolled Wheat on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Merit
R.A. Ross, L.J. McBeth, C.R. Krehbiel, D.L. Step, J.P. Banta, D.L. Lalman, and R.A. Ball


Effect of Depleting and Repleting Dietary Calcium on Plasma and Tissue Calcium Concentrations and Beef Tenderness
H.A. DePra, D.R. Gill, C.R. Krehbiel, J.B. Morgan, R.L. Horst, and F.N. Owens


Effect of Feeding 2,500, 50,000 or 100,000 IU of Vitamin D3 Daily on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Merit, and Plasma and Tissue Metabolite Concentrations
H.A. DePra, J.D. Duggin, D.R. Gill, C.R. Krehbiel, J.B. Morgan, D.C. Bietz, A.H. Trenkle, R.L. Horst, and F.N. Owens



Nutrition/Management Swine

Evaluation of b-Glucan as an Alternative to Antibiotic in the Diets of Weanling Pigs
T.B. Morillo, S.D. Carter, J.S. Park, and J.D. Schneider


Effects of a Solid-State Fermented Phytase on Phosphorus and Nutrient Digestibility of Growing Pigs Fed Barley-Soybean Meal Based Diets 
J.S. Park, M.B. Lachmann, S.D. Carter, J.D. Schneider, T.B. Morillo, and R.P. Cueno


Evaluation of Beta-Glucan and Antibiotics on Growth Performance and Carcass Traits of Weanling and Finishing Pigs
R.P. Cueno, T.B. Morillo, S.D. Carter, M.S. Lachmann, J.S. Park and J.D. Schneider

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