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Beef and Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Animal Products

July 1995 P-943

Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station
Division of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University



Animal Breeding/Genetics

Evaluation of a satiety hormone in pigs with divergent genetic potential for feed intake and growth
A.C. Clutter, R. Jiang, J.P. McCann and D.S. Buchanan



Food Science

Effects of age-class and implant protocol on Holstein steer carcass desirability
B.A. Gardner, T.L. Gardner, H.G. Dolezal, K.K. Novotny, M. Moldenhauer and D.M. Allen


Effect of breed type and quality grade on performance, carcass, and tenderness traits for OK Feedout Steers
B.A. Gardner, H.G. Dolezal, C.W. Shearhart, F.K. Ray, G.A. Highfill and S.L. Northcutt


Effects of combination anabolic implants on boxed-beef yields of serially slaughtered steers
M.T. Al-Maamari, H.G. Dolezal, E.S. Johnson, T.L. Gardner, B.A. Gardner and D. R. Gill


Effects of combination androgenic and estrogenic anabolic implants on carcass traits of serially-slaughtered steers
E. S. Johnson, H.G. Dolezal, M.T. Al-Maamari, B.A. Gardner, D.R. Gill, R.L. Botts and P.T. Anderson


Effect of feeding crystalline cholesterol plus butter on hypercholesterolemia in swine
B.Z. de Rodas, S.E. Gilliland, C.V. Maxwell and M.L. Rose


Survival of cells of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei during refrigerated storage in fermented milk products
B.D. Nighswonger, M.M. Brashears and S. E. Gilliland


The effect of temperature on the protein solubility of six different meat trims
M.T. Al-Maamari, L.D. Yates, L.W. Hand and M. L. Kreul


Utilization of video image analysis in predicting beef carcass lean product yields
T.L. Gardner, H.G. Dolezal and D.M. Allen



Nutrition/Management Cow/Calf

Effects of early-weaning and body condition score (BCS) at calving on performance of spring calving cows
H.T. Purvis II, C.R. Floyd, K.S. Lusby and R.P. Wettemann


Effects of monensin and 4-plex on growth and puberty of beef heifers
C.R. Floyd, H.T. Purvis II, K.S. Lusby and R.P. Wettemann


Supplemental protein levels for spring calving cows grazing Old World Bluestem or Tallgrass Prairie
S.E. Lawrence, C.A. Hibberd and F.T. McCollum III


The effect of Ivomec® on weight gains of spring-born calves nursing untreated cows in Eastern Oklahoma
B.R. Stacey, K.C. Barnes and K.S. Lusby


The relationship among nitrate content and nutritional value in hybrid Sudangrass hay
G.E. Selk, G.L. Strickland, D.G. Wagner and S. Janloo



Nutrition/Management Feedlot Cattle

Corn maturation: changes in the grain and cob
M. Basalan, R. Bayhan, D.S. Secrist, J. Hill, F.N. Owens, M. Witt and K. Kreikemeier


Effects of corn particle size on feedlot steer performance and carcass characteristics
D.S. Secrist, W.J. Hill, F.N. Owens and S.D. Welty


Effects of processing method and adding moisture on the feeding value of high moisture corn for feedlot steers
D.S. Secrist, W.J. Hill, F.N. Owens, M.T. Van Koevering, C.A. Strasia and D.R. Gill


High moisture ear-corn with no added roughage for feedlot steers
W.J. Hill, D.S. Secrist, F.N. Owens, M.T. Van Koevering, C.A. Strasia and D.R. Gill


Profitability of cattle: effects of age, date on feed and corn processing
W.J. Hill, F.T. McCollum, D.R. Gill and C.A. Strasia\


Protein levels for feedlot steers fed high moisture corn
D.S. Secrist, W.J. Hill, F.N. Owens, M.T. Van Koevering, C.A. Strasia and D.R. Gill


The effects of age, date on feed and corn processing on carcass characteristics
W.J. Hill, F.T. McCollum, D.R. Gill, H.G. Dolezal and C.A. Strasia


Vitamin E supplements for feedlot steers
D.S. Secrist, W.J. Hill, F.N. Owens, M.T. Van Koevering, C. A. Strasia, H.G. Dolezal, B.A. Gardner and D.R. Gill



Nutrition/Management Stocker Cattle

Effect of Bambermycin on weight gain of summer stocker cattle
S.C. Smith, J.D. Enis and D. R. Gill


Effect of salt level in a monensin-containing energy supplement on rumen fermentation of steers grazing wheat pasture
J.G. Andrae, G.W. Horn, D.S. Buchanan and Carolyn Bowen


Grazing trial evaluation of wheat varieties in the wheat grain/ stocker cattle enterprise
Gerald Horn, Larry Redmon, Dan Bernardo, Gene Krenzer and John Andrae


Performance of light weight stocker calves grazing summer native range with 25 or 40% protein supplements
H.T. Purvis II, C.R. Floyd and K.S. Lusby


Performance of stocker steers implanted with Ralgro®, Synovex-S® or Revalor-G®
D.R. Gill, S.C. Smith, W. Nichols and M.R. Montague


Use of a stochastic production function to evaluate the effect of energy supplementation of wheat pasture stocker cattle on production risk
D.J. Bernardo, N. Coulibaly and G.W. Horn



Nutrition/Management Swine

Diet acidification effects on performance of early-weaned pigs
B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell and K.S. Brock


Exogenous emulsifiers in early weaned pig diets
B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell and K.S. Brock


Potential for reducing nitrogen excretion in swine
Charles V. Maxwell


Supplementation of biotin to hard red winter wheat diets for bred gilts
W.G. Luce, A.C. Clutter, C.V. Maxwell and R. Vencl




Body condition score is a precise tool to evaluate beef cows
J.A. Vizcarra, R.P. Wettemann, K.S. Lusby, G.E. Selk and J.V. Yelich


Immunization of beef heifers against GnRH prevents pregnancy
J.A. Vizcarra and R.P. Wettemann


Influence of feed and water deprivation on the determination of body weight in mature beef cows
R.P. Wettemann, J. Vizcarra, T. Anderson, S. Brown, C. Burtrum, J. Hallock, E. Nesamvuni, T. Prado and M. Sumter


Influence of prepartum nutrition of primiparous beef cows on calf growth, mastitis, and reproductive performance after early weaning
T.D. Hamilton, R.P. Wettemann and L.J. Spicer


Interleukin-2 affects steroidogenesis of bovine ovarian granulosa cells but not thecal cells in vitro
C.A. Rajagopala Raja, L.J. Spicer and R.E. Stewart

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