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Evaluation of Salers Crossbred Cows in a Commercial Cow Herd.

D.S. Buchanan, D.K. Darnell, and J. Dhuyvetter.


Relationship Between Genotype of Sire and Dam and Serum Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I.

L.J. Spicer, E.D. Tucker, R.P. Wettemann, and D.S. Buchanan.


The Interaction of Dietary Lysine Level and Divergent Growth Genotypes in Growing Finishing Pigs.

M.D. Woltmann, A.C. Clutter, C.V. Maxwell, D.S. Buchanan, and R. Vencl.


Productivity of Mature Crossbred Cows Containing 9, ¼ and ½ Brahman Breeding in Spring and Fall Calving Systems.

G.K. Ziche, D.S. Buchanan, R.R. Frahm, and L.W. Knori.


Influence of Cobalt-Dextrose-Lactone on Glucose, Volatile Fatty Acids and Reproductive Performance of Beef Cows.

D.K. Bishop, R.P. Wettemann, and K.S. Lusby.


Plasma Estradiol After Implanting Steers with Estradiol Benzoate.

D.K. Bishop, R.P. Wettemann, B.S. Beard, G. Cross, J.L. Ellis, S.D. Flock, B.N. Patterson, and M.T. Spicer.


Effects of Bovine Somatotropin on Ovarian Function in Cattle.

L.J. Spicer and D.J. Langhout.


Effects of Dietary Intake on Ovarian Function in Heifers.

L.J. Spicer, W.J. Enright, M.G. Murphy, and J.F. Roche.


Effects of Elevated Ambient Temperature on Sweating Rate, Rectal Temperature and Respiration Rate of Heifers.

J.A. Vizcarra, R.P. Wettemann, D.K. Bishop, S. Al-Shorepy, L.A. Baker, B. De Rodas, and D.L. Wall


Relationship Between the Occurrence of Puberty in Heifers and the Cessation of Luteal Activity After Nutritional Restriction.

J.A. Vizcarra, R.P. Wettemann, D.K. Bishop, and R. Wright.


Influence of Growth Rate on Body Composition of Beef Heifers at Puberty.

J.V. Yelich, R.P. Wettemann, K.S. Lusby, H.G. Dolezal, and D.K. Bishop.


Effect of Cooking on the Lipid Composition of Beef Steaks.

S.K. Duckett, D.G. Wagner, H.G. Dolezal, L.D. Yates, A.C. Clutter, and S.G. May.


Effect of Time-on-Feed on the Nutrient Composition of Beef Steaks.

S.K. Duckett, D.G. Wagner, H.G. Dolezal, L.D. Yates, A.C. Clutter and S.G. May


The Effect of Temperature on the Protein Solubility of Beef Shoulder Clods.

G. Gaden de Lopez and L.W. Hund.


Processing Temperature Effects on Low Fat, High Moisture, Beef Frankfurters.

J.L. Hensley and L.W. Hund.


Increased Utilization of Muscle from the Two-Piece Beef Chuck.

J.W. Lamkey, KA. Dunlavy, and H.G. Dolezal.


Characterization of Intermediate Value Steaks from the Beef Chuck.

C.L. Nick, H.G. Dolezal, and F.K. Ray.


Thermal Resistance of Escherichia Coli 0157:H7 in Ground Beef Patties.

D.K. Shipp, T.G. Rehberger, and L.W. Hund.


Shrinkage of Wheat Pasture Stocker Cattle.

M.D. Cravey, G.W. Horn, K.B. Poling, and B.G. McDaniel.


Effects of Post-Ruminal Protein Infusions on Beef Intake and Utilization of Low Quality Hay by Beef Steers.

J.D. Garza-F, F.N. Owns, and S. Welty.


Effects of Growing Diets and Grazing Regimen on Feedlot Performance Carcass Traits.

D.R. Gill, F.T. McCollum, C.A. Strasia, J.J. Martin, and R.L. Ball.


Chemical Composition of Diets Consumed by  Cattle Grazing Native Range or Plains Bluestem Pasture.

S.A. Gunter, F.T. McCollum, and R.L. Gillen.


High-Starch Versus High-Fiber Energy Supplements for Stocker Cattle on Wheat Pasture: Cattle Performance and Economics.

G.W. Horn, D.J. Bernardo, W.E. McMurphy, M.D. Cravey, and B.G. McDaniel.


Influence of Winter Growing Program and Summer Grazing Program on Performance of Heifers Grazing Tallgass Prairie. 

F.T. McCollum, D.R. Gill, and R. Ball.


Effects of Tilmicosin or Ceftiofur on Health and Performance of Shipping Stressed Stocker Cattle.

R.A. Smith, M.T. Van Koevering, D.R. Gill, and R.L. Ball.


The Effects of Escape Protein on Health and Performance of Shipping Stressed Calves.

M.T. Van Koevering, D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens, F.T. McCollum, and R.L. Ball.


Mass Medication of Newly Arrived Stocker Cattle to Improve Health and Performance.

M.T. Van Koevering, M.C. King, D.R. Gill, and R.L. Ball.


Evaluation of Wheat Forage in Wintering Programs for Cow Calf Operations.

K.L. Apple, K.S. Lusby, A.L. Hutson, and G.M. Provence.


Corn vs. Soybean Hull Supplements for Beef Cows Fed Low Quality Native Grass Hay.

W.W. Chan, C.A. Hibberd, R.R. Scott, and K. Swenson.


In Situ Dry Matter and Protein Disappearance of Feeds in Beef Cows Fed Concentrate or Roughage Diets.

K. Miller, C.A. Hibberd, and K. Swenson.


Feather Meal in Winter Supplements for Beef Cows.

T.M. Murphy, K.S. Lusby, and R.P. Wettemann.


Effect of Supplemental Bypass Protein on Intake, Digestion and Duodenal Protein Flow of Low Quality Native Grass Hay in Beef Cows.

R.R. Scott, C.A. Hibberd, W.W. Chan, and K.S. Swenson.


The Effect of Mid-Summer Deworming on Weight Gain of Cows and their Calves in Southeast Oklahoma. 

S.C. Smith and J.W. Kelley.


The Effect of Deworming on Performance of Fall Born Beef Calves.

S.C. Smith.


Effects of Ruminal Contents on B-Vitamin Status in Chicks.

P.L. Dubeski. F.N. Owens, and R.G. Teeter.


Duodenally Infused Casein or Urea-Glucose for Steers Fed on High Concentrate Diet.

J.D. Garza-F, F.N. Owens, and S. Welty.


Effects of Limit Fed Growing Programs on Finishing Performance and Carcass Traits of Steers in a Commercial Feedlot.

J. Rakestraw and K.S. Lusby.


Effects of Superoxygenation of Drinking Water on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Feedlot Steers.

C.A. Strasia, C.P. Foutz, C.L. Nick, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill, R.P. Lake, G.D. Rupe, and R.E. Heitschmidt.


Virginiamycin and Monesin Effects on Performance and Characteristics of Feedlots Steers: A Three Trial Summary. 

M.T. Van Koevering, D.R. Gill, H.G. Dolezal, F.N. Owens, S.K. Duckett, D.G. Wagner, H.R. Spires, and J.A. Rogers.


The Effect of Laidlomycin Propionate and Tylosin on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Feedlot Steers.

M.T. Van Koevering, D.R. Gill, H.G. Dolezal, F.N. Owens, S.K. Duckett, D.G. Wagner, and H.R. Spires.


Effect of Daily Rotation of Ionophores on Ruminal Fermentation in Cattle Fed Concentrate Diets.

J. Zorrial-Rios, J.D. Garza-F and F.N. Owens.


Controlled Ruminal Infusion of Sodium Bicarbonate: II. Influence of Infusion Interval on the Ruminal Conditions in Lactating Cows.

M. Aslam, W.B. Tucker, J.R. Hogue, R.K. Vernon, and G.D. Adams.


Controlled Ruminal Infusion of Sodium Bicarbonate: I. Influence of Post Feeding Infusion Interval on Ruminal Acid-Base Status.

J.F. Hogue, W.B. Tucker, M.T. Van Koevering, R.K. Vernon, and G.D. Adams.


Effect of Dietary Cation-Anion Balance on Acid-Base Status in Horses.

L.A. Baker, D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, R.G. Teeter, and J.W. Breazile.


Effects of Dietary Cation-Anion Balance on Blood Parameters and Mineral Metabolism in Exercising Horses.

W.A. Stutz, D.L. Wall, D.R. Topliff, D.W. Freeman, W.B. Tucker, D.G. Wagner, and J.W. Breazile.


Plasma Glucose Concentrations and Digestibility of Dry Matter, Energy and Crude Protein in Mature Geldings Fed Wheat and Oat Based Diets.

D.R. Topliff and D.W. Freeman.


Effect of Clenbuterol on Lamb Performance and Carcass Traits.

M.E. Nichols, H.G. Dolezal, G.Q. Fitch, and T.L. Gardner.


The Effects of Isolated Soy Protein Substitution for Milk Proteins With and Without Maintaining Constant Lactose on Performance of Early Weaned Pigs.

R.D. Coffey, C.V. Maxwell, and A.C. Clutter.


Effect of Substituting Yeast Protein for Soy Protein on Gain, Feed Efficiency and Incidence of Scours in Early Weaned Pigs.

T.M. Fakler, K.S. Sohn, and C.V. Maxwell.


Nutrient Composition of Oklahoma Yellow Corn.

W.G. Luce, S.E. Hawkins, C.V. Maxwell, M.D. Woltmann, G.L. Strickland, L.L. Southern, and T.L. Ward.


Performance of Gestating Gilts Fed Wheat vs. Sorghum Grain.

W.G. Luce, C.V. Maxwell, A.C. Clutter, M.D. Woltmann, and R. Vencl.


Spray Dried Plasma Protein as a Protein Source for Early Weaned Pigs.

K.S. Sohn, C.V. Maxwell, and D.S. Buchanan.


The Effect of Creep Feeding on Post Weaning Performance in Early Weaned Pigs.

K.S. Sohn, T.M. Fakler, and C.V. Maxwell.


Alternative Protein Sources for Milk Protein in Early Weaned Pigs Diets.

K.S. Sohn and C.V. Maxwell.

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