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Evaluation of salers in a commercial cow herd.

D.S. Buchanan, D.K. Darnell, and J. Dhuyvetter.


Comparisons of Angus-Hereford reciprocal cross cows.

D.S. Buchanan and S.R. McPeake.


Gestation length and birth weight differences of calves born to 9, ¼ and ½ blood Brahman fall and spring-calving cows bred to Salers and Limousin sires.

G.E. Selk and D.S. Buchanan.


Evaluation of body condition scoring for estimating carcass fat percentage of various cow types.

E.D. Tinker, D.S. Buchanan, M.N. McCarter, H.G. Dolezal, R.R. Frahm, and L.W. Knori.


Effect of weaning management of spring-born calves on calf sale weight and cow weight changes.

K.C. Barnes, J.W. Walker, and K.S. Lusby.


Effects of body condition score at calving and postpartum nutrition on performance of two-year-old heifers.

D. Bell, R.P. Wettemann, K.S. Lusby, and D.K. Bishop.


Substitution of corn gluten meal for soybean meal in range supplements on intake and utilization of low quality native grass hay by beef steers.

C.A. Hibberd and S.K. Martin.


Reproductive performance of first calf heifers supplemented with amino acid chelate minerals.

J.R. Kropp.


Effects of Lactational status on forage intake, digestibility and particular passage rate of beef cows upplmented with soybean meal, wheat milddings and corn/soybean meal.

K.H. Ovenell, K.S. Lusby, G.W. Horn, and R.W. McNew.


The value of wheat middlings as a supplement for wintering spring calving beef cows grazing native range.

K.H. Ovenell, K.S. Lusby, and R.P. Wettemann.


Incremental levels of supplemental Ruminal degradable protein for beef cows red low quality native grass hay.

R.R. Scott and C.A. Hibberd.


The effect of Clorsulon on weight gain on lactating cows and their calves.

S.C. Smith, K.S. Lusby, J. Brisco, J.D. Enis, D.E. Cooper, and M.R. Montague.


Comparison of High 20 and Low 20 Holstein herds on dairy herd improvement association test during 1989.

J.D. Stout and R.B. Stout.


Comparison of production records of cows using one and two milking plans of dairy herd improvement testing.

R. B. Stouch and J.D. Stout.


Similar dietary Cation-Anion balances achieved via the addition of sodium chloride or potassium chloride: Influence on systemic acid-based status, milk yield and mineral metabolism in lactating dairy cows.

W.B. Tucker and J.F. Hogue.


Trace mineral supplementation of cattle fed finishing rations.

P.L. Dubeski, F.N. Owens, and D.R. Gill.


Synovex-S, Finaplix-S, or Revalor implants for feedlot steers.

C.P. Foutz, D.R. Gill, H.G. Dolezal, R.T. Botts, T.L. Gardner, and F.N. Owens.


Effect of Monensin and Lasalocid on water intake, Rumen volume, liquid passage rate and Ruminal dry matter in feedlot heifers.

J.D. Garza F and F.N. Owens.


Ruminal water evasion and steady state.

J.D. Garza F., J. Zorrila-Rios and F.N. Owens.


Virginiamycin versus monensin for feedlot steers.

D.R. Gill, C.A. Strasia, J.J. Martin, H.G. Dolezal, and F.N. Owens.


Limit feeding vs bull feeding high concentrate diets to early weaned calves – effects on performance to slaughter.

K.S. Lusby, D.R. Gill, D.M. Anderson, T.L. Gardner, and H.G. Dolezal.


An evaluation of an inactivated, Leukotoxin-Rich, cell-free Pasteurella Hemolytica vaccine for prevention of undifferentiated Bovine respiratory disease.

G.S. McLean, R.A. Smith, D.R. Gill, and T.C. Randolph, Jr.


Providing supplemental nutrients in drinking water to growing cattle.

I.W.M. Schutte, J. Zorrilla-Rios, J. McCann, D.M. Caldwell, and S.W. Coleman.


Use of chemical composition or near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict the gross energy content of cone molasses.

R.R. Scott, C.A. Hibberd, F.T. McCollum, D.M. Caldwell, and S.W. Coleman.


Ruminal and intestinal disappearance of several sources of Vitamin E.

I.S. Shin and F.N. Owens.


Effect of Sorghum Hybrid on site and extent of nitrogen digestion in beef steers.

M.N. Streeter, D.G. Wagner, and C.A. Hibberd.


Fate of drinking water in Ruminants: Simultaneous comparison of two methods to estimate Ruminal evasion.

J. Zorrila-Rios, J.D. Garza, and F.N. Owens.


Impact of Osmotically active compounds on Rumen Digesta Kinetics.

J. Zorrilla-Rios, J.D. Garza, and F.N. Owens.


Ruminal fluid, a multi-pool system?

J. Zorrilla-Rios, J.D. Garza, and F.N. Owens.


Intake response of horses consuming a concentrate varying in pellet size.

D.W. Freeman, D.L. Wall, and D.R. Topliff.


Growth of weanling horses fed yeast, soybean meal or milk based protein supplements.

D.R. Topliff and T. Monin.


Mineral balance of heat distressed broilers.

Tsegaw Belay, C.J. Wiernusz, and R.G. Teeter.


Riboflavin and pantothenic acid requirement of the broilers through eight weeks posthatching.

R. Dehyim, C.J. Wiermusz, T. Belay, R.G. Teeter, M.B. Coelho, and J.T. Haley.


Comparison of day five acclimation and fasting techniques to reduce broiler heat distress mortality.

K. McDonald, T. Belay, F. Deyhim, and R.G. Teeter.


Nitrogen corrected true metaolizable energy value of propionic acid, glycerol and Luprosil for broilers.

R.G. Teeter, K. McDonald, and F. Deyhim.


Intake of self fed monensin containing energy supplement by stocker cattle on wheat pasture and effects on performance.

G.W. Horn, W.E. McMurphy, K.S. Lusby, K.B. Poling, and M.D. Cravey.


Naxcel for stressed stocker cattle.

B.D. Johnson, D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, and R.L. Ball.


Syntabac for stressed stocker cattle.

B.D. Johnson, D.R. Gill, R.A. Smith, and R.L. Ball.


Value of feather meal for replacing soybean meal in summer protein supplements.

K.S. Lusby and F.T. McCollum.


Relationships among fecal nitrogen, diet nitrogen, and daily gain of steers grazing tallgrass prairie.

F.T. McCollum.


Forage intake and nutrient intake by steers grazing tallgrass prairie at different forage allowances.

F.T. McCollum, R.L. Gillen, and H.P. Jensen.


Influence of winter backgrounding program and summer grazing program on performance of steers grazing tallgrass prairie.

G.S. McLean, F.T. McCollum, and D.R. Gill.


Voluntary consumption of a Lasalocid-containing compressed protein block by stocker cattle grazing bermudagrass.

W.A. Phillips and G.W. Horn.


Bypass protein supplementation of stocker cattle on wheat pasture.

M.E. Smith, G.W. Horn, and W.A. Phillips.


Effect of corn gluten feed, soybean meal, and cottonseed meal on intake and utilization of prairie hay by beef heifers.

R.A. Youngins and D.G. Wagner.


Effect of Riboflavin supplementation on reproductive performance of bred sows.

W.G. Luce, R.D. Geisert, M.T. Zavy, A.C. Clutter, F.W. Bazer, C.V. Maxwell, M.D. Woltman, R.M. Blair, M. Fairchild, and J. Wiford.


Wheat vs sorghum grain for gestating gilts.

W.G. Luce, C.V. Maxwell, D.S. Buchanan, A.C. Clutter, M.D. Woltmann, and R. Vencl.


The effect of fat source and medium-chain triglyceride level on performance of the early weaned pig.

B.D. Rodas and C.V. Maxwell.


Effect of source of dietary protein on performance of early weaned pigs.

K.S. Sohn and C.V. Maxwell.


Effect of dietary protein source on nutrient digestibility in early weaned pigs.

K.S Sohn and C.V. Maxwell


Effect of source of dietary protein on ileal amino acid availability in early weaned pigs.

K.S. Sohn and C.V. Maxwell.


The effects of limit feeding on testicular volume n growing boars.

M.D. Woltmann, A.C. Clutter, D.S. Buchanan, and R. Vencl.


Body energy reserves influence the onset of luteal activity after early weaning of beef cows.

D.K. Bishop and R.P. Wettemann.


Active immunizations of pregnant beef cows against GnRH.

E.R. Loetz, R.P. Wettemann, and R.D. Geisert.


Immunizations of postpartum cows against gonadotropin releasing hormone influences the onset of Luteal activity establishment of pregnancy.

C.M. C’Connell and R.P. Wettemann.


Relationships between energy balance, insulin-like growth Factor-I and estrous behavior during early lactation in dairy cows.

L.J. Spicer, W.B. Tucker and G.D. Adams.


Hair growth of cattle is stimulated by Melatonin.

R.P. Wettemann, S.C. Smith, K.S. Lusby, and H.A. Tucker.


Implant effects on boneless subprimal yields and boxed beef value.
C.P. Foutz, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill, T.L. Gardner, and J.L. Hensley.


Effect of porcine somatotropin and sex-class on pork carcass chemical composition.

T.L. Gardner, H.G. Dolezal, C.P. Foutz, and K.K. Novotny.


Evaluation of real-time ultrasound for predicting carcass traits of feedlot steers.

M.T. Smith, J.W. Oltjen, H.G. Dolezal, D.R. Gill, and B.D. Behrens.

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