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Age and weight at puberty for purebred and crossbred gilts.
L. K. Hutchens, R. L. Hintz and R. K. Johnson.


Relationship between pubertal and growth characteristics in gilts.
L. K. Hutchens, R. L. Hintz and R. K. Johnson.


Performance trends of boars tested at the Oklahoma Swine Evaluation Station.
D. S. Buchanan, W. G. Luce, D. G. McLaren, M. L. Kalka and S. E. Everett.


The relationship between measures of performance and selling price in tested boars.
D. S. Buchanan, W. G. Luce, D. G. McLaren, M. L. Kalka and S. E. Everett.


Fall lambing performance of Dorset x Finnish landrace sheep.
K. A. Ringwall, J. V. Whiteman, R. P. Wettemann, and G. A. Robson.


Repeatability of ewe reproductive performance.
J. V. Whiteman and J. M. Dzakuma.


Ewe weight and condition at breeding time as related to mating performance and reproductive rate.
J. V. Whiteman and M. Detten.


A comparison of different age of dam and sex correction factors for birth, weaning, and yearling weights in beef cattle.
C. G. Chenette and R. R. Frahm.


Reproductive performance of various two-breed cross cow groups.
D. M. Marshall, R. R. Frahm and C. G. Chenette.


Productivity comparisons among various two-breed cross groups.
R. R. Frahm, D. M. Marshall and C. G. Chenette.


Performance to weaning of three-breed cross calves sired by Charolais and Limousin bulls.
D. M. Marshall, R. R. Frahm and C. G. Chenette.


Carcass trends in an Oklahoma Youth Barrow Show.
W. G. Luce, R. L. Hintz, M. L. Scott, V. L. Stevens F. K. Ray.


Trends in Oklahoma swine carcass contests.
W. G. Luce, R. L. Hintz, L. E. Walters, V. L. Stevens, M. L. Scott and F. K. Ray.


Preliminary development of yield grade and dressing percentage prediction equations for beef steers.
L. E. Walters and R. L. Hintz.


The growth of three fiber types in beef longissimus muscle as influenced by breed and age.
J. J. Guenther, K. K. Novotny and R. D. Morrison.


A comparison of collagen content and organoleptic attributes of grain vs. forage-finished cattle.
L. E. Bulgerin, J. E. Williams, T. H. Liao, L. L. Ebro, J. J. Guenther, L. E. Walters and D. G. Wagner.


Carcass characteristics of ram lambs at four slaughter weights.
A. E. Sents, J. V. Whiteman and L. E. Walters.


Enumeration and identification of Lactobacilli in feed supplements marketed as sources of LactobaciUus Acidophilus.
S. E. Gilliland.


Effects of early weaning on calf performance and on reproduction in mature cows.
K. S. Lusby and A. A. Parra.


Influence of month of calving on daily milk yield: progress report on development of a model of a cow-calf system.
R. L. Hintz, K. S. Lusby and R. Totusek


Potential of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for measuring forage quality.
F. E. Barton, II and S. W. Coleman.


Effect of level of supplement and amount of supplemental crude protein on intake and digestibility of untreated wheat straw by lambs.
G. W. Horn, D. W. Pace and C. L. Streeter.


Ammoniation of wheat straw and prairie hay.
G. W. Horn, C. L. Streeter, G. Manor, D. G. Batchelder and G. L. McLaughlin.


Effect of source of supplemental protein and level of supplement on voluntary intake and performance of lambs fed ammoniated wheat straw silage.
C. L. Streeter, G. W. Horn, D. G. Batchelder, and G. Manor.


Effect of protein level and supplement level on voluntary intake and performance of lambs fed ammoniated wheat straw silage.
C. L. Streeter, G. W. Horn and D. G. Batchelder.


Alkaline treatment of wheat straw before ensiling.
W. A. Phillips and F. P. Horn.


Forage production and digestibility of small grain forages.
G. W. Horn, W. E. McMurphy and R. L. Mitchell.


Effect of initial weight on daily gain of stocker cattle grazed on wheat pasture.
G. W. Horn, T. L. Mader, R. W. McNew, C. L. Streeter and S. L. Armbruster.


Effect of feeding wheat straw or sorghum-sudan hay on gains and wheat forage utilization of stocker cattle.
T. L. Mader, G. W. Horn and W. E. Phillips.


Yeast culture in a free-choice mineral supplement for stocker cattle grazing wheat pasture.
C. L. Streeter, G. W. Horn and J. E. McClung.


Ensiling of whole wheat plant at different maturities and dry matter.
W. A. Phillips, L. C. Pendlum and F. P. Horn.


The impact of farm of origin and post-shipment diet on the performance of stocker calves.
W. A. Phillips and J. B. McLaren.


Weight changes during transportation of stocker calves.
W. A. Phillips and K. B. Leining.


Steer weight gains on Midland and Hardie Bermuda grass pastures.
G. W. Horn and W. E. McMurphy.


Relationship of steer daily gains on Bermuda grass to rate of forage digestion.
M. Cannon, R. L. Hintz, G. W. Horn and W. E. McMurphy.


Effects of reimplantation for grazing calves.
S. R. Rust, D. R. Gill and C. W. Nichols.


The feeding value of heated soybean meal for lactating dairy cows.
J. W. Ward, L. J. Bush and G. D. Adams.


Avoparcin, Monensin and implants for growing heifers.
F. N. Owens and D. R. Gill.


Thiopeptin or high roughage in starting rations for feed lot steers.
D. R. Gill, F. N. Owens, R. W. Fent and R. K. Fulton.


Corn silage ammoniation time and protein solubility.
F. N. Owens, W. M. Sharp and George Davis.


Roughage levels in feed lot rations.
D. R. Gill, F. N. Owens, J. J. Martin, D. E. Williams, R. A. Zinn and R. J. Hillier.


Influence of level of feed intake on digestive function: I. nitrogen metabolism.
R. A. Zinn and F. N. Owens.


Captan and ruminal metabolism.
R. G. Teeter and F. N. Owens.


Ruminal availability of phosphorus and its effect on digestion.
K. E. Witt and F. N. Owens.


The effect of additional nitrogen fertilization on the nutritive value of grain sorghum.
C. A. Hibberd, D. E. Weibel, D. G. Wagner, and R. L. Hintz.


Roughage-concentrate: associative effects.
R. G. Teeter, F. N. Owens and D. R. Gill.


Finishing steers on conventional grain diets vs. forage plus grain, with and without Monensin.
S. C. Osdie, D. G. Wagner and P. Sims.


The effects of Decoquinate on gains of stressed cattle.
S. R. Rust, D. R. Gill, E. J. Richey and F. N. Owens.


Effects of Anthelmintics and Leptospirosis vaccination on performance of feed lot cattle.
S. R. Rust, D. R. Gill and J. J. Martin.


A preliminary report on the effect of increased feed intake during late gestation.
W. R. Walker, C. V. Maxwell, R. L. Hintz, and K. Brock.


Effects of fat supplementation on performance of creep-fed pigs.
W. R. Walker, C. V. Maxwell, R. L. Hintz, N. J. Lawrence and K. Brock.


Effect of dietary fat source on the performance of colostrum-deprived neonatal pigs.
N. J. Lawrence, C. V. Maxwell and D. S. Buchanan.


The effect of environmental temperature and Thyrotropin releasing hormone on the concentration of Thyroxine in steers.
B. R. Pratt and R. P. Wettemann.


Evaluation of an index for boar selection.
D. S. Buchanan, H. R. Gaugler and R. Vend.


Reproductive development and performance of hereford heifers calving at 24 and 30 months of age.
E. J. Turman, R. P. Wettemann, K. S. Lusby, and J. Magee.


Effect of environment and diet on endocrine responses in calves.
K. B. Leining.


An evaluation of wheat pastures as related to metabolic anomalies in cattle.
V. R. Bohman, F. P. Horn, B. A. Stewart, A. C. Mathers, D. L. Grunes and E. T. Littledyke.


Improved procedure for challenging neonatal dairy calves with Enteropathogenic Escherichia Coli.
S. E. Gilliland, L. J. Bush and R. D. Contreras.


Effect of pasteurization of Colostrum on absorption of immune Globulins by newborn dairy calves.
L. J. Bush, S. E. Gilliland and R. D. Contreras.

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