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Effect of Abomosally Infused Methionine, Bypassed Methionine and Hydrolyzed Feather Meal in Steers. 
P.R. Leme, F.N. Owens and K.S. Lusby.


Comparison of In Vivo Nylon Bag Dry Matter and Organic Matter Digestibility of Oklahoma Range ForagesDuring Different Seasons. 
R.A. Ball, D.G. Wagner and Jeff Powell.


Cattle Breeds, Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics.
F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, J.C. Hillier and D.E. Williams.


The Influence of Variety on Nutritive Characteristics of Grain Sorghum. 
C.A. Hibberd, D.E. Weibel, R.L. Hintz and D.G. Wagner.


Seed Characteristics of Different Varieties of Grain Sorghum.
C.A. Hibberd, E.D. Mitchell, D.G. Wagner and R.L. Hintz.


Response of Different Sorghum Seed Classes to Reconstitution. 
C.A. Hibberd, R. Schemm, E.D. Mitchell, R.L. Hintz and D.G. Wagner.


Rumensin and Protein Bypass in Steers.
F.N. Owens, S.R. Rust and J.H. Thornton.


Ruminal Turnover Rate - Influence of Feed Additives, Feed Intake and Roughage Level.
F.N. Owens, M. Kazemi, K.L. Mizwicki and S.G. Solaiman.


Fermented, Ammoniated Whey - Its Energy and Protein Value.
D.C. Weakley and F.N. Owens.


Sila-bac Evaluation.
R.A. Zinn, F.N. Owens, K.L. Mizwicki, A.B. Johnson and K.B. Poling.


Sludge Evaluation.
R.A. Zinn, F.N. Owens and R.P. Lake.


Cement Kiln Dust Trials.
R.A. Zinn, D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens and K.B. Poling.


Lyophilized Rumen Fluid for Use in In Vitro Dry Matter Disappearance Studies with Grain. 
J. Kapp, R.L. Hintz and D.G. Wagner.


Bovine Boots - A New Research Tool.
F.P. Horn and G.E. Miller.


Effect of Preweaning Milk Level and Biological Type on Postweaning Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits. 
G.L. Crosthwait, R.D. Wyatt, L.E. Walters and R. Totusek.


Characteristic of Forage-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Slaughter Cattle.
J. Williams, D.G. Wagner, L.E. Walters, J.J. Guenther, G.H. Horn and G. Waller.


Corn Moisture, Protein Concentration and Rumensin and Digestion by Feedlot Steers.
S.R. Rust, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill and R.W. Fent.


High Moisture Com Additives. 
F.N. Owens, J.H. Thornton and K.B. Poling.


Corn Moisture Level for Feedlot Steers.
R.G. Teeter, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gilt and J.J. Martin.


Protein Sources and Levels for Dry and High Moisture Corn. 
D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, A.B. Johnson, F.N. Owens and D.E. WilIiams.


Milo vs. Corn at Two Moisture Levels. 
D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin and F.N. Owens.


Ammonia, ChemStor and Formaldehyde Treated High Moisture Com Grain for Feedlot Steers. 
J.H. Thornton, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens and D.E. Williams.


Ronnel or Monensin for Feedlot Heifers. 
F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill and R.W. Fent.


Liquid Trace Mineral for Feedlot Steers. 
F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin and D.E. WilIiams.


Slow-Release-Urea and Energy Levels for Cattle Fed Low Quality Roughage.
O. Forero, K.S. Lusby, F.N. Owens, D. Hudman and L. Erlinger.


Effect of Monensin on Weight Gain and Forage Intake by Replacement Heifers on Native Range. 
G.L. Crosthwait, S.W. Coleman and R.D. Wyatt.


Twenty-Four vs. 30-Month-OldCalving With Hereford Heifers.
K.S. Lusby, S.O. Ennis and R.W. Mane.


Effect of Potassium on Weight Gains of Steers Wintered on Dormant Native Range.
G. W. Horn, P.L. Sims and K.S. Lusby.


Performance and Economic Comparisons of Alternative Beef Production Systems for Fall-Weaned Calves.
T.L. Madder, G.W. Horn, O.L. Walker, L.E. Walters, S.L. Armbruster and W.E. McMurphy.


Steer Weight Gains on Midland, Hardier, Okla. and SS-16 Bermudagrass Pastures.
G.W. Horn and W.E. McMurphy.


Seasonal Changes in the Nutritive Value of Five "Old World Bluestems".
F.P. Horn and C.M. Taliaferro.


Grazing Preferences of Four Bermudagrass Varieties by Bulls.
D.C. Meyerhoeffer and S.W. Coleman.


Frequency of Feeding Small Grains Forage for Supplementation of Range Grass Hay. 
S.W. Coleman and R.D. Wyatt.


Digestibility of Five "Old World Bluestem" Hays.
F.P. Horn and W. Jackson.


Productivity Comparisons of Various Three-Year-Old Crossbred Cow Groups.
R.R. Frahm, C.G. Belcher, L. Knori and E.N. Bennett.


Comparisons of Lactation Performance Among Various Four-Year-Old Crossbred Cow Groups. 
C.G. Belcher, R.R. Frahm, D.R. Belcher and E.N. Bennett.


Factors Affecting Calving Difficulty and the Influence of Pelvic Measurements on Calving Difficulty in Percentage Limousine Heifers.
D.R. Belcher and R.R. Frahm.


Comparison of Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits of Charcoals and Brahman Sired Three-Breed Cross Calves.
S.H. Peterson, R.R. Frahm and L.E. Walters.


Endrocrine Function of Bulls Exposed to Elevated Ambient Temperature. 
J.E. Minton, R.P. Wettemann, D.C. Meyerhoeffer and E. Turman.


Influence of Growth Stimulants on Reproductive Performance of Heifers.
C.D. Muncy, R.P. Wettemann, E. Turman and K.S. Lusby.


Factors Influencing the Postpartum Anestrous Interval in Range Cows. 
R.P. Wettemann, T.W. Beck, E. Turman and J. Drew.


Protein Requirements for the Young Growing Boar.
R.W. Tyler, W.G. Luce, R.K. Johnson, C.V. Maxwell and L.E. Walters.


Whey-Grown Yeast as a Protein Source for Baby Pigs.
Y.J. Ajeani, C.V. Maxwell, F.N. Owens, D. Holbert, K.B. Poling and J.S. Schooley.


Influence of Protein Intake, Energy Intake and Stage of Gestation on Protein Status of the Gestating Gilt. 
G.M. Willis and C.V. Maxwell.


A Comparison of Mating Systems Utilizing Duroc, Hampshire and Yorkshire Breeds for Swine Production. 
E.R. Wilson and R.K. Johnson.


A Preliminary Evaluation of Mating Systems Involving Durac, Yorkshire, Landrace and Spot Breeds Producing Three- and Four-Breed Cross Pigs. 
L.K. Hutchens, E.R. Wilson, R.K. Johnson, R.L. Hintz, R. Venel.


Increasing Reproductive Efficiency of Gilts Managed in Confinement.
T.A. Hoagland, R.P. Wettemann, J.E. Minton, C.D. Muncy, R.W. Fent and C.V. Maxwell.


Observations on Milk Production of Crossbred Ewes During Three Different Seasons.
D.J. Stritzke, J.V. Whiteman, D.L. Thomas and J.E. Fields.


Summer Lambing Performance of Crossbred Ewes of Finnsheep, Dorset and Rambouitlet Breeding When Mated in January to Purebred or Crossbred Rams. 
J.M. Dzakuma, J.V. Whiteman, J.E. Fields.


Whey-Grown Yeast as a Protein Source for Lambs. 
Y.J. Ajeani, F.N. Owens, D. Holbert and K.B. Poling.


Feeding Value of Reconstituted Sorghum Grain for Dairy Cows.
L.J. Bush, G.D. Adams, D.T. Netemeyer and S.A. Jafri.


Influence of Feeding Cells of Lactobacillus acidophilus on the Fecal Flora of Young Dairy Calves.
B.B. Bruce, S.E. Gilliland, L.J. Bush and T.E. Staley.


Effect of Sour Colostrum on Survival of Staphylococcus Aureus.
P.B. Barto, L.J. Bush and G.D. Adams.


Studies on Once-Daily Artificial Insemination Programs.
M. Webs and G. Adams.


Evaluation of a Commercial Robotic Culture in Broiler Rations. 
A.A. Aliases, E.E. Murray, R.D. Morrison, R.H. Thayer, and G.W. Newell.


The Influence of Changes in Muscle DNA Content and Nuclear Number on Muscle Growth in Feedlot Cattle.
J.J. Guenther, R.D. Morrison and K.K. Novotny.


Feed Efficiency and Carcass Characteristics of Ram Lambs Slaughtered at Four Weights.
D.L. Beer winkle, J.V. Whiteman, L.E. Walters and JE. Fields. 


Summary Reports


Meat & Carcass Evaluation Summary Report

  • Estimation of Muscle Fiber Area in Calf Muscles by Coulter Counter and Photo Micrographic Techniques. 
    J.J Guenther, R.D. Morrison, K.K. Novotny and J Bartlett.
  • Evaluation of Adjusted Net 40K Count as a Predictor of Muscle Mass in Yearling Beef Bulls.
    G.R. Rider, L.E. Walters, R.R. Frahm, E.E. Kohnke, and B.W. Lambert.

Dairy Products Summary Report

  • Chemical Test for Detection of Wheat Pasture Flavor Component in Raw Milk.
    H.S. Kim’s, S.E. Gilliland and R.L. Gunten.
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