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Stocker and Finishing Programs for Fall-Weaned Calves.
T. L. Mader, G.W. Horn, S. L. Armbruster, L. E. Walters, D. T. Hoskins, F. P. Horn, W. E. McMurphy and O.L. Walker.


Effect of Monensin on Forage Intake and Weight Gains of Wheat Pasture Stockers. 
G. W. Horn, S. L. Armbruster, M.L. Scott and V. L. Stevens


Effect of Monensin on Forage Intake and Rumen Turnover Rate.
R. P. Lemenager, F.N.Owens, E. L. Ferrell, D. B. Belcher, M.Dvorak, B. J. Shockey, K. S. Lusby and R. Totusek.


Slow Ammonia Release for Steers.
K. L. Mizwicki, F.N.Owens, K. Poling and G. Burnett.


Range Studies with a New Slow Release Urea Compound.
O. Forero, F.N.Owens, P. Leme and K. S. Lusby.


Feather Meal as a Protein Source for Range Cows.
P. Leme, O. Forero, F.N. Owens and K. S. Lusby.


Effects of Creep Feeding on Preweaning and Postweaning Performance of Angus x Hereford Calves.
G. L. Crosthwait, L. D. Ridenour, R. D. Wyatt, L. Knori and R. Totusek.


Effects of Two Milk Levels on Pre weaning Performance of Two Calf Types.
K. C. Barnes, R. D. Wyatt, K. S. Lusby and R. Totusek.


Supplemental Abomasal Nutrients for Cattle Fed Weathered Prairie Hay.
A. B. Johnson, F. N. Owens, R. W. Fen, K. L. Midwicket and B. R. Wilson.


Ammonium Hydroxide Treatment of Wheat Straw.
S. G. Solaiman, G. W. Horn, F. N. Owens and A. R. Rider.


Stocker Bloat on Wheat Pasture.
D. F. Frost, G. W. Horn, L. I. Croy and G. L. Burnett.


Plant Chemical Composition and Digestibility of Rangeland Forage.
R. Ball, D. G. Wagner, J. Powell and R. W. Hammond.


Effect of Forage Density on Grazing Behavior, Forage Intake and Animal Performance.
S. W. Coleman and F. P. Horn.


Rumensin and Digestibility of Feedlot Rations.
J.H. Thornton, F.N. Owensand, and R.W. Fent.


Buffers and High. Moisture Corn Digestion.
J.H. Thornton, F.N. Owensand, R.W. Fent, and K. Poling.


Influence of Endosperm Type on the Nutritive Value of Grain Sorghum and Corn.
C. A. Hibberd, R. Schemm and D. G. Wagner.


Seed Characteristics of Different Sorghum Endosperm Types.
B. Ackerson, R. Schemm and D. G. Wagner.


Protein Levels and Decline for Finishing Steers fed High Moisture Corn.
J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens, D. R. Gill, .J. H. Thornton and D. E. Williams.


Rumensin Levels for Finishing Steers fed High Moisture Corn.
D. R. Gill, F.N. Owens, J.J. Martin, .J.H. Thornton and D. E. Williams.


Carcass Evaluation of Certain Two-Breed Cross Steers.
M.E. Body, R. R. Frahm, L. E. Walters and L. Kimbrell.


Performance to Weaning of Three-Breed Cross Calves Sired by Red Poll and Shorthorn Bulls.
C. G. Belcher, R. R. Frahm, L. W. Knori and E.N. Bennett.


Productivity of Two-Year-Old Crossbred Cows Producing Three-Breed Cross Calves.
C. G. Belcher, R. R. Frahm, L. W. Knori and E.N. Bennett.


A Comparison of Profitability of Two-Year-Old Crossbred Cows.
R. L. Hintz and R. R. Frahm.


A Preliminary Comparison of the Productivity of Females of Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace and Spot Breeding.
R. K. Johnson, S. D. Welty, R. Vend and J. Schooley.


Growth and Carcass Traits for Pigs of Four Swine Breeds and Their Crosses.
E. R. Wilson, R. K. Johnson, L. E. Walters, S. D. Welty and J. Schooley.


Age and Weight at Puberty for Purebred and Crossbred Gilts of Four Breeds.
L. K. Hutchens, R. K. Johnson, S. D. Welty and J. Schooley.

Protein and Choline Levels for Gestating Gilts.
C. Maxwell, R. K. Johnson and R. Vend.


Rearing Orphan Lambs By Using Adoption Stalls.
J. V. Whiteman and J. Fields.


Comparison of Feed Efficiency for two Weight Intervals and Carcass Composition at two Market Weights of Ram and Ewe Lambs.
R. D. Herriman, R. L. Adams, L.E. Walters, J.V. Whiteman and J. E. Fields.


Corn Silage Additives.
S. R. Rust, F.N. Owens, A.B. Johnson, B.J. Shockey and K. Poling.


Winter and Fall Lambing Performance of Crossbred Ewes of Finn sheep, Dorset, Rambouillet and White Face Western Breeding When Mated to Purebred or Crossbred Rams.
J.M. Dzakuma, D. L. Thomas J. E. Fields and J. V. Whiteman.


Profile of DHI Management Factors of Twenty High and Low Producing Holstein Herds.
J. D. Stout.


Chemical Preservation of Alfalfa Hay for Lactating Dairy Cows.
S. A. Jafri, L.J. Bush and G. D. Adams.


Effect of Prepartum Antibiotic Infusion on Mastitis Infection in Dairy Cows at First Calving. 
P. B. Barto, L.J. Bush and G. D. Adams.


Frozen Concentrated Cultures of Kluyveromyces fragilis.
M. Bostian and S. E. Gilliland.


Efficiency of Utilization of Dietary Phosphorus by Caged Turkey Breeder Hens When Fed Rations Supplemented With Live Yeast Culture.
R.H. Thayer, R.F. Burkitt, R.D. Morrison and E. E. Murray.


A Review of Trends in Ground Beef Production.
P. A. Will and R. L. Henrickson.


Mechanical Tenderization of Electrically Stimulated Muscle.
M. Raccach and R. L. Henrickson.


The Storage Stability of Electrically Stimulated Hot Boned Refrigerated Ground Beef.
M. Raccach and R. L. Henrickson.


The Effect of Hot Muscle Boning on Lean Yield, Cooler Space Requirements, Cooling Energy Requirements, and Retail Value of the Bovine Carcass.
R. D. Noble and R. L. Henrickson.


Changes in the Activity of Certain Muscle Glycolytic and Oxidative Enzymes during Feedlot Growth in Cattle.
J.J. Guenther, J. R. Escoubasand K. K. Novotny.


Growth Rate and Carcass Characteristics of Hereford Steers and Hemicastrate-SS Bulls.
R. P. Wettemann, L. W. Brock, R. W. Fent and D. G. Wagner.


Muscle Fiber Count Per Tissue Slice by Photomicrographic and Coulter Counter Techniques.
J. J. Guenther and R. V. Felber.


Response of Cows to Repeated Treatments with PMS.
E. J. Turman, R. P. Wettemann and J. G. MaGee.


Endocrine Changes Associated With Heat Stress of Gilts after Breeding.
D. L. Dreider, R.P. Wettemann, R. K. Johnson and E.J. Turman.


The Influence of Thaw Temperature on Bovine Spermatazoa Commercially Frozen in Straws.
G. J. Yott and M. E. Wells.


Influence of Cooling Methods on Boar Fertility with Summer Breeding.
R. P. Wettemann, M.E. Wells, R. K. Johnson and R. Vend.


The Influence of Radiant Heat Load and Temperature Stress on Bull Growth and Fertility.
D. C. Meyerhoeffer and S. W. Coleman.


Summary Reports


Dairy Products Summary Report

  • A Rapid Screening Test for Hydrogen Peroxide Production by Lactobacdli.
    D. R. Martin and S. E. Gilliland.

Meat & Carcass Evaluation Summary Report

  • Conditions Associated With Net K40 Counting Using Animal Phantoms.
    D. D. Johnson, L. E. Walters R. R. Frahm, R. D. Morrison and B. Lambert.
  • The Effect of Electrical Stimulation on ATP Depletion and pH Decline in Delar Chilled Bovine Muscle.
    P. A. Will and R. L. Henrickson.
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