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Evaluation of a Stress Index for the Study of Shipping Fever in Stocker Cattle.
R.P. Wettemann, F.P. Horn, T.W. Beck and J.L. Drew.


The Effect of Monensin on Weight Gains of Steers and Heifers Grazing Fescue Pasture During the Winter.
K.L. Apple and D.R. Gill.


Monensin for Range Beef Cows.
R.P. Lemenager, F.N. Owens, E.L. Ferrell, D.B. Belcher, K.S. Lusby and R. Totusek.


Effects of Two Milk Levels on Performance of Two Calf Types.
K.C. Barnes, L.D. Ridenour, M.B. Gould, K.S. Lusby and R. Totusek.


A Comparison of Milk Production in Angus and Hereford Cattle Under Range Conditions.
M.A. Omar, R.R. Frahm, R.H. Mizell and A.B. Cobb.


Summer Performance and Forage Intake of Stockers Grazed on Bermudagrass.
B.R. Wilson, G.W. Horn and W.E. McMurphy.


Wheat Pasture Bloat of Stockers.
G.W. Horn, B.R. Clay and L.I. Croy.


Plant Chemical Composition and Digestibility of Rangeland Forage. 
S.H. Kautzsch, D.G. Wagner, J. Powell and R.W. Hammond.


Monensin for Wheat Pasture Stockers: Ruminal Fermentation, Forage Intake and Performance.
G.W. Horn, F.N. Owens, S.L. Armbruster, V.L. Stevens and M.L. Scott.


The Influence of 48-Hour Calf Separation on Calf Growth Rate and Milk Production in Postpartum Range Cows.
T.W. Beck, R.P. Wettemann, E.J. Turman, T.A. Hoagland, L.W. Brock, M.T. Fournier and R. Totusek.


Protein Levels and Rumensin for Feedlot Cattle.
D.R. Gill, F.N. Owens, J.J. Martin, D.E. Williams and J.H. Thornton.


Protein Sources and Rumensin for Feedlot Steers.
J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill and J.H. Thornton.


Protein Withdrawal for Feedlot Steers.
F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin and J.H. Thornton.


Rumensin Effects on Energy Losses at Three Fiber Levels.
J.H. Thornton and F.N. Owens. 


Chemical Characterization of Ensiled Ground High Moisture Corn.
J.H. Thornton, F.N. Owens, D.E. Williams and M. Arnold.


Fermentation and Digestion of Formaldehyde Treated Ensiled High Moisture Corn Grain.
J.H. Thornton, F.N. Owens, D.E. Williams and E.C. Prigg.


Ensiled Corn Grain Moisture Level and Supplement Protein Source Effects on Feed Intake.
F.N. Owens, D.E. Williams, R.P. Lake and R.W. Fent.


Nylon Bag Dry Matter Digestion of Corn as Influenced by Particle Size, Steam Flaking and High Moisture Processing.
M.L. Galyean, D.G. Wagner and F.N. Owens.


Influence of Particle Size and Level of Intake on Site and Extent of Digestion in Steers Fed Corn Based Diets.
M.L. Galyean, D.G. Wagner, F.N. Owens and K.L. Mizwieki.


Comparison of Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits Among Various Three-Breed Cross Calves.
C.G. Chenette, R.R. Frahm, A.B. Cobb and J. Eason.


Feedlot Performance and Carcass Merit of Progeny of Hereford, Hereford x Holstein and Holstein Cows.
R.D. Wyatt, K.S. Lusby, M.B. Gould, L.E. Walters, J.V. Whiteman and R. Totusek.


The Comparison of Three-Breed Cross and Backcross Swine for Litter Productivity and Feedlot Performance.
E.R. Wilson, R.K. Johnson, R. Vend and S.D. Welty.


Swine at Two Degrees of Fatness Fed to 220, 250 and 280 Pounds Live Weight: Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics.
J.D. Neely, R.K. Johnson, L.E. Walters and Rex Vend.


Response of Growing Boars to Lysine Supplemented Corn-Soybean Meal Diets.
R.W. Tyler, W.G. Luce, R.K. Johnson and C.V. Maxwell.


Summer Lambing Performance of Crossbred Ewes of Finnsheep, Dorset and Rambouillet Breeding When Mated to Purebred or Crossbred Rams.
D.L. Thomas, J.V. Whiteman, J.E. Fields and D.J. Stritzke.


Feed Efficiency and Carcass Characteristics of Ram and Ewe Lambs Slaughtered at Two Live Weights
R.L. Adams, L.E. Walters, J.V. Whiteman and J.E. Fields.


Some Relationships Between Measures of Growth and Carcass Composition in Lambs.
M. Makarechian, A.W. Munson, L.E. Walters and J.V. Whiteman.


Effects of Dietary Phosphorus Levels on Reproductive Efficiency in Dairy Heifers.
D. Hecht, M.E. Wells, L.J. Bush and G.D. Adams.


Acid Preservation of Alfalfa Hay for Dairy Cows.
B.W. Tabor, L.J. Bush and G.D. Adams.


Effect of Teat Dipping on Mastitis Infection in Dairy Cows at First Calving.
L.J. Bush, P.B. Barto and G.D. Adams. 


Supplementing Market Broiler Rations with Lactobacillus and Live Yeast Culture.
R.F. Burkitt, R.H. Thayer and R.D. Morrison.


Estimates of Bone Maturity in Beef Cattle.
J. J. Guenther.


The Effect of Electrical Stimulation on the Rate of Post-Mortem Glycolysis in Some Bovine Muscles.
P.D. McCollum and R.L. Henrickson.


Recovery of Normal Semen Quality after Heat Stress of Boars.
R.P. Wettemann, M.E. Wells, L.K. Brock, R.K. Johnson, R. Harp, and R. Vend.


Ovarian Response of Angus Cows to PMS Treatments for Two Consecutive years.
E.J. Turman, R.P. Wettemann, M.P. Fournier and J.G. MaGee.


Maturation and Freezing of Bovine Oocytes.
D. Mapes and M. E. Wells .


Summary Reports


Meat & Carcass Evaluation Summary Report

  • The Association Between Net K40 Count and Carcass Composition of Gestating Gilts.
    D.D. Johnson, L.E. Walters, C.V. Maxwell and B.W. Lambert.
  • The Estimation of Muscle Cell Numbers in Cattle.
    J.J. Guenther and R.V. Felber.
  • Muscle Nitrogen Deposition During Growth in Cattle Differing in Body Size. 
    J.J. Guenther.

Swine Summary Report

  • Genetic Evaluation of Mating Systems Involving Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace and Spot Swine.
    R.K. Johnson.

Feedlot Summary Report

  • Fermentation of Ground High Moisture Corn Treated with Aqueous Ammonia.
    J.H. Thornton, F.N. Owens and M. Arnold.

Dairy Foods Summary Report

  • Pilot Plant Studies on the Reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand of Cottage Cheese Whey by Kluyveromyce Jsragillis.
    W. Smith, M. Lane and C. F. Stewart.
  • The Continuing Study of Wheat Pasture Flavor in Milk.
    R.L. Von Gunten, L.J. Bush, M.E. Wells, E.L. Smith and G.D.  Adams.

Poultry Physiology Summary Report

  • Endocrine Function in Laying Hens as Related to Egg Shell Quality.
    J.S. Curl and R.H. Thayer.
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