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Observations on the Preconditioning Effect of Wheat Pasture, Its

Nutritive Value and the Health of Grazing Steers.
F.P. Horn, Donald G. Wagner, R.R. Oltjen, T. Rumsey, and A.D. Tillman.


The Yield and Quality of Four Nitrogen-Phosphorus Fertilized Grasses.

F.P. Horn, C.M. Taliaferro, B.B. Tucker, and Robert Totusek.


A Preliminary Report of Performance to Weaning of Certain Two-Breed Cross Calves.
T.A. Stanford, R.R. Frahm and W.E. Sharp.


Influence of Harvest Date and N and K Fertility Levels on Soluble Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Fractions in Winter Wheat Pasture.
R.R. Johnson, F.P. Horn, and A.D. Tillman.


In Vitro and In Vivo Ammonia Release Studies on Various Slow- Release Area Products.
J.R. Males and R.R. Johnson


Rumen Microbial Protein Synthesis from Area When Fed with a Low Quality Roughage Diet in Automatic Feeders Designed to Stimulate Sustained Release of Ammonia.
J.R. Kropp, J.R. Males, and R.R. Johnson.


Performance of Four-Year-Old Hereford, Hereford X Holstein and Holstein Females as Influenced by Level of Winter Supplementation Under Range Conditions.
K.S. Lusby, Robert Totusek, L. Knori, D.F. Stephens, J.V. Whiteman, J.W. Holloway, and R.A. Dean.


The Influence of Ambient Temperature on Blood Serum Prolactin in Heifers.
R.P. Wettemann, H.A. Tucker, W. Jackson, and G.D. Adams.


Three Levels of Nitrogen Fertilization for Bermudagrass.
J.P. Telford, F.P. Horn, D.F. Stephens, J.E. McCroskey, J.V. Whiteman, and Robert Totusek.


Comparison of NPN Supplements for Dry Native Grass.
Ivan G. Rush, R.R. Johnson, W.E. Sharp, Ray Heldermon, and Robert Totusek.


Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate and Clipping Frequency on the Yield and Quality of Four Bermuda Grasses.
F.P. Horn, C.M. Taliaferro, Jean Muncrief and K.W. Williams.


Micronized Sorghum for Finishing Beef Cattle.
Don Croka and Donald G. Wagner.


Effect of Various Processing Techniques on Sorghum Utilization.
Tom Martin and D.G. Wagner.


Steam Flaked Wheat for Finishing Beef Cattle.
Tom Martin and Donald G. Wagner.


Influence of Grain Processing on Development of Subclinical Acidosis in Beef Cattle.
R.R. Johnson, E.T. Clemens, D.D. Hinman, N.A. Cole, and D. Williams.


Influence of a Methane Inhibitor on the Performance of Beef Steers.

N.A. Cole and J.E. McCroskey.


The Influence of Various Additives on the Solubilization of Nitrogen and Acid Production in Corn During High Moisture Storage.
E.C. Prigge, R.R. Johnson, and D. Williams.


Feed Lot Performance and Carcass Merit of Calves from Hereford,

Hereford x Holstein and Holstein Cows.
R.A. Dean, L.E. Walter, D.F. Stephens, K.S. Lusby, J.V. Whiteman and Robert Totusek.


Measuring Meat Tenderness with the Rotating Dull Knife Tender Meter.
Paul A. Will, R.L. Henrickson, and R.D. Morrison.


Feasibility of Hot Boning the Bovine Carcass.
S.N. Falk and R.L. Henrickson.


Studies on Bovine II. Changes in Sarcoplasmic, Myofibrillar, Stroma and lipid Protein and NPN during growth.
J.R. Escoubas, J.J. Guenther and R.D. Morrison.


Use of K40 Net Count as a Monitor of Body Composition Changes in Growing and Fattening Swine.
T.R. Carr, L.E. Walters, and R.F. Queener.


Studies in Bovine Nitrogen I. Changes in total Nitrogen, Protein Nitrogen, NPN and Lipid Nitrogen During Growth.
J.R. Escoubas, J.J. Guenther, and R.D. Morrison.


Electrophoretic Characteristics of Bovine Myosin.
J.J. Guenther.


Micronized Grain Sorghum for Growing-Finishing Pigs.
W.G. Luce, C.V. Maxwell, R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, & S.D. Welty.


The Relationship of Various Factors with Ovulation Rate and the Number of Embryos 30-Days Post Breeding in Gilts.
L.D. Young, R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, S.D. Welty, & E. Ferrell.


The Influence of Prostaglandin F2a on Estrous Cycle Length and the Induction of Parturition in Swine.
D.M. Hallford, R.P. Wettemann, E.J. Turman, I.T. Omtvedt, D.L. Kreider & S.D. Welty.


Two-Breed and Three-Breed Crosses in Swine:  Feed Lot Performance and Carcass Merit.
R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, E. Ferrell, and S.D. Welty.


Reproductive performance of Duroc, Hampshire and Yorkshire Females When Producing Purebred and Crossbred Litters.
L.D. Young, R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, S.D. Welty, and E. Ferrell.


Reproductive Performance of Boars After Exposure to Elevated Ambient Temperature.
R.P. Wettemann, M.E. Wells, I.T. Omtvedt, C.E. Pope, E.J. Turman, G.W.A. Mahoney and T.W. Williams.


Relationship Between Pre-Weaning Growth Rate of Female Lambs and the Growth of their Offspring.

Mike B. Gould and Joe V. Whiteman.


Lifetime Reproductive Performance of Single vs. Twin-Born Crossbred Ewes.
Mike B. Gould and Joe V. Whiteman.


A Comparison of Biuret and Soybean Meal to Support Nitrogen in Growing Lambs.

Ronald R. Johnson and M. McGeehon.


The Productivity of Young Crossbred Ewes of Finn Sheep, Dorset and Rambouillet Breeding When Lambed in Spring.
Joe V. Whiteman, David L. Thomas, and John E. Fields.


Biuretolytic Activity of Rumen Microorganisms as Influenced by

Dietary Molasses and Dehydrated Alfalfa.
R.D. Wyatt, E.T. Clemens and R.R. Johnson.


The Influence of Treatment of Whole Fat Soybeans with Formaldehyde to Protect the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Hydrogenation in the Ruminant.
B. Ackerson, R.R. Johnson, and R.L. Henrickson.


Protein and Energy Intake Requirements for Caged Turkey Breeder Hens.
C. Dean Jackson, G.G. Walker, H.L. Burrus, R.D. Morrison, A.L. Malle, E.C. Nelson, and Rollin H. Thayer.


Studies on Wheat Pasture Flavor in Milk.
L.J. Bush, P.E. Johnson, R.L. Von Gunten, G.V. Odell, and G.D. Adams.


Micronized Sorghum Grain in Rations for Lactating Dairy Cows.
L.J. Bush and G.D. Adams.


The Effect on Length of Equilibration Time on Sperm Cells Stored in Straws.
M.E. Wells and P.J. Hefley.


The Effect of Freezing and Thawing on Sperm Cell Dimensions.
M.E. Wells, T.L. Bright and P.J. Hefley.


Lipase Activity and Milk Production as Related to Sudden Decreases in the Energy of the Cow’s Ration.
M.S. Borges, L.C. True, and J.B. Mickle.


New Foods for the Senior Citizen.
J.B. Mickle, Olive Pryor and Wanda Smith.



  • Problems Associated with Induced Super Ovulation and Supplementation in Beef Cows.
    E.J. Turman, C.E. Pope, and Dwight Stephens.
  • Selection for Increased Weaning and Yearling Weight in Beef Cattle.
    R.R. Frahm, T.A. Stanforth, M.A. Omar, and R.J. Obunlon.
  • Use of K40 Net Count as a Monitor of Body Composition Changes in Growing and Fattening Beef Cattle.
    Lowell E. Walters, Dennis Stiffler and R.E. Queener.
  • Association Between Live EMME Count and Measure of Carcass Leanness in Market Weight Hogs.
    Dennis M. Stiffler, Lowell E. Walters, R.K. Johnson and R.F. Queener.
  • Measuring Meat Tenderness with the Nip Tenderometer.
    James L. Marsden and R.L. Henrickson.
  • A Preliminary Report on Biochemical Growth Parameters of Bovine Muscle Tissue.
    J.R. Escoubas, J.J. Guenther, and K.K. Novotny.
  • Disposal of Cottage Cheese Whey.
    Wanda Smith, L.E. Redel and J.B. Mickle.
  • Lipid Metabolism in Laying Hens.
    E.T. Clemens, E.C. Nelson, John R. Miller, R.R. Johnson, A.L. Malle and Rollin H. Thayer.
  • Influence of Silage Additives on Mold Development in High Moisture Corn
    E.C. Prigee and R.R. Johnson.
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