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Comparison of Productivity of Young Angus-Holstein Crossbred and Grade Angus Cows.

A.C. Boston, G.H. Deutscher, J.V. Whiteman and R.R. Frahm.


Early Weaning vs. Normal Weaning vs. Creep-Feeding of Replacement Heifer Calves.

J.W. Holloway and Robert Totusek.


The Performance of Two-Year-Old Hereford, Hereford X Holstein and Holstein Females as Influenced by Level of Winter Supplement Under Range Conditions.
J.R. Kropp, D.F. Stephens, J.W. Holloway, Leon Knori, J.V. Whiteman, and Robert Totusek.


Observations on Increasing Pay-Weight of Calves from Angus and Hereford Cows by Combining Several Known Management Practices.
Robert Totusek, Ivan Rush, and W.E. Sharp.


Self-Fed Dry and Liquid Supplements Containing Natural Protein and Non-Protein Nitrogen for Wintering Range Cows.
Ivan Rush, W.E. Sharp, and Robert Totusek.


The Performance of Three and Four Year Old Angus X Holstein Crossbred Cows Under Range Conditions.
Robert Totusek, W.E. Sharp, and Ivan Rush.


Further Studies on Adaptation and Loss of Adaptation of Rumen Microorganisms to Biuret as a Nitrogen Sourced Fed with Low Quality Roughages.
R.R. Johnson and E.T. Clemens.


Digestibility of Feedlot Waste.
R.R. Johnson.


A Comparison in Feedlot Performance of Steers Allowed a Growing Period with Steers Placed on a Finishing Ration at Weaning.
Leland R. Lancaster, R.R. Frahm, and Donald R. Gill.


Effect of Milo Preparation on Energy Utilization by Feedlot Steers as Determined by Respiration Calorimetry and Comparative Slaughter.
H.E. Kiesling, J.E. McCroskey and D.G. Wagner.


Effect of Physical Form of Reconstituted Wheat During Storage on the Nutritive Value of Wheat for Feedlot Cattle.
Ryan Christiansen and Donald G. Wagner.


Influence of Reconstitution on the Feeding Value of Wheat for Finishing Cattle.
Ryan Christiansen and Donald G. Wagner.


Dry Processing of Wheat for Finishing Beef Cattle.
Donald G. Wagner, Ryan Christiansen and D.F. Stephens.


Influence of Dietary Potassium Levels on Net K40 Count in Beef Steers.
R.K. Johnson, L.E. Walters, and J.V. Whiteman.


The Ribonucleic and Deoxyribonucleic Acid Content of Three Bovine Muscles at Various Post-Mortum Periods.
J.J. Guenther.


Variation in Shear Tenderness Data.
J.J. Guenther, J.D. Gresham and R.D. Morrison.


The Influence of P-Chiloromercuribenzoate on the Tenderness, pH, Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity and Protein Solubility of Bovine Longissimus Muscle.
J.D. Greshman, J.J. Guenther, and R.D. Morrison.


Using Live K40 Count to Estimate Leanness in Pigs.
C.E. Addison, I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, R.K. Johnson, and R.F. Queener.


Influence of Feeding Sequence During Pregnancy on Reproductive Performance of Sows.
L. Keith Caldwell, I.T. Omtvedt, and R.R. Wilson.


Effects of Levels of Protein and Lysine Supplementation to Wheat Rations for Growing-Finishing Swine.
W.G. Luce, I.T. Omtvedt, and R.R. Wilson.


Feedlot Performance, Probe Backfat Thickness and Carcass Merit for Purebred and 2-Breed Cross Pigs.
R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, R.R. Wilson, and L.E. Walters.


Comparison of Purebred Gilts with Purebred and Crossbred Litters from Early Embryo Development through Weaning.
R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, R.R. Wilson and S.D. Welty.


Techniques for Rearing Cesarean Section Derived Colostrum Free Piglets.
J.A. Coalson, C.V. Maxwell, J.C. Hillier, and E.C. Nelson.


Adaptation of Lambs to Biuret as a Nitrogen Source When Fed High Concentrate Rations.
R.R. Johnson and E.T. Clemens.


A Preliminary Evaluation of Some Growth and Carcass Characteristics of ¼ Finnish Landrace Lambs.
L.D. Flinn, M.B. Gould, and J.V. Whiteman.


Methods of Processing Sorghum Grain for Lactating Diary Cows.
L.J. Bush, B.J. Stevens, K.E. Rauch and R.M. Alexander.


Lactose Removal From Cheese Whey Using Saccharomyces Fragih.
Sue Knight, Wanda Smith and J.B. Mickle.


Heat Tapes – An Aid in Heat Detection.
Milton Wells and Glenden Adams.


The Effect of Freezing Rate on Sperm Cell Characteristics.
Milton Wells and Mark Hodson.


Summary Reports on Other Projects


Cow-Calf Summary Report

  • Problems Associated with Induced Superovulation and Superfetation in Beef Cows.
    E.J. Turman, Monte R. Johnson, and D.F. Stephens.
  • Selection for Increased Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight in Beef Cattle.
    R.R. Frahm.
  • Comparison of Productivity Among Certain F2 Crossbred Cow Groups.
    R.R. Frahm.
  • Relationship Between Properties of Southern Forages and Animal Response.
    J.E. McCroskey.
  • Development of Regression Equations for Predicting Performance of Cows and Calves Grazing Bermudagrass Pastures.
    J.E. McCroskey.
  • Studies on Nutritive Value of Wheat Pasture.
    R.R. Johnson, M. McGeehon and I. Williams.

Meat & Carcass Evaluation Summary  Report

  • Mouse Selection Studies as an Aid to Animal Breeding Research.
    R.R. Frahm, I.T. Omtvedt, and C.R. McLellan, Jr.
  • Evaluation of the K40 Technique for the Determination of Muscle Potassium and Fat-Free Lean in Ground Meat.
    T.R. Carr, L.E. Walters, R.D. Morrison and R.F. Queener.
  • A Characterization of Myodegeneration Syndrome in Porcine Muscle.
    S.N. Falk, R.L. Henrickson, C.V. Maxwell, and R.J. Panciera.
  • Physical Properties of the Skeletal Muscle Fiber.
    R.L. Hendrickson and J.C. Marsden.
  • Influence of “Hot” Boning on Bovine Muscle.
    Curtis Lynn Kastner and R.L. Henrickson.
  • Procedure for Live Biopsy of Bovine Longissimus Dorsi Muscle.
    J.J. Guenther, T.R. Thedford and E.W. Jones.

Swine Summary Report

  • The Effect of Ration Ingredient Change on Pig Performance.
    W.G. Luce and C.V. Maxwell.
  • Genetic Evaluation of Purebred and Crossbred Performance for Three Breeds of Swine.
    I.T. Omtvedt, R.K. Johnson, C.E. Addison, Steve Welty and Tom Williams.

Dairy  Foods Summary Report

  • Feed Flavors in Milk.
    M.S. Borges, O.P. Pryor and J.B. Mickle.
  • Emulsifiers in Foods.
    J.B. Mickle.
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