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Relationship Between Cow Type Classification Score and Cow Productivity. 
John Frey, R.R. Frahm, and D.F. Stephens.


Milk Production of Range Cows.
Robert Totusek, D.F. Stephens, J.R. Kropp, J.W. Holloway, Leon Knori, and J.V. Whiteman.


Superovulation of Beef Cows and Heifers by Injection of Pregnant Mare Serum (PMS) Following Estrus Synchronization by Means of an Oral Progestogen.
D.B. Laster, E.J. Turman, D.F. Stephens and R.E. Reubarger.


Creep-Feeding Spring-Born Beef Calves Grazing Bermudagrass Pasture.
J.E. McCroskey, R. Renbarger and J. Eason.


Self-Fed Liquid and Dry Supplements for Wintering Range Cows.
Robert Totusek, J.W. Holloway and W.E. Sharp.


Comparison of Cottonseed Hulls and Wheat Straw as a Roughage Ingredient in Steer Finishing Rations.
R.R. Frahm, D.G. Wagoner, D.F. Stephens and R.E. Renbarger.


Comparison of Corn Processing Methods, Several Levels fo Corn Silage and Sorghum Stover Silage versus Corn Silage for Finishing Steers.
Jerry Martin, Raymond Peck, Milton England, Jack Alexander and Robert Totusek.


Whole Corn vs. Ground Corn vs. Rolled Corn for Finishing Cattle.
Jerry Martin, M. England, Jack Alexander, T. Montgomery, Donald G. Wagoner and Robert Totusek.


Influence of Level of Wheat in High Concentrate Rations on the Performance of Fattening Beef Cattle.
Donald G. Wagner, Ryan Christiansen, and Robert Renbarger.


Influence of Level of Wheat and Method of Processing Wheat on the Performance of Fattening Beef Cattle.
Donald G. Wagner, Ryan Christiansen, Wilburn Holloway, and Robert Renbarger.


Influence of Storage Time and Moisture Level on Feeding Value of Whole Reconstituted Milo for Fattening Cattle.
Donald G. Wagner, Ryan Christiansen and Wilburn Holloway.


Association Between Certain Live and Carcass Measurements in Swine.
Conall E. Addison, I.T. Omtvedt, and L.E. Walters.


Effect of Measuring Tenderness with the Tenderometer.
R.L. Henrickson and J.L. Marsden.


Relationship Between Sow Condition and Productivity and Effectiveness of Controlling Condition by Individual Feeding.
I.T. Omtvedt and Mike Moss.


Performance Differences Among Littermate Boars, Barrows and Gilts.
I.T. Omtwedt and E.F. Jesse.


The Effects of Heat Stress on Rectal Temperatures and Respiration Rates in Gilts.
Roger Bates, R.A. Battaglia and L.T. Omtvedt.


Pelleting Milo and Wheat for Growing-Finishing Swine.
Benny S. Robbins, W.G. Luce, and I.T. Omtvedt.


Myodegeneration Syndrome in Swine.
S.N. Falk, R.L. Henrickson, C.V. Maxwell, and R.J. Panciera.


High Moisture Milo for Swine.
Benny S. Robbins, C.V. Maxwell and W.G. Luce.


The Relationship of Darkness and Confinement to Early Rebreeding of Spring Lambing Ewes.
Joe V. Whiteman, Mike B. Gould, and S.V. Tennery.


Effects of Early Weaning on Subsequent Rebreeding in Spring Lambing Ewes.
M.B. Gould, S.V. Tennery and J.V. Whiteman.


Adaptation of Sheep to Biuret as a Nitrogen Source when Fed Low Quality Roughages. 
R.R. Johnson.


Complete Ration for Dairy Cows.
L.J. Bush.


New Foods Through the Use of Emulsifiers.
J.B. Mickle.


The Effect of Uterine Environment of Sperm Cells.
Steven Fancy, Mark Hodson, and Milton Wells.


Summary Report of Other Projects


Beef Cow-Calf Summary Report

Beef Cattle Selection Studies.
R.R. Frahm.

Beef Feedlot & Nutrition Summary Report

Effect of Previous Plane of Nutrition Upon Efficiency of Energy Utilization by Beef Steers.
J.E. McCroskey, H.A. Deramus, Jr., R.R. Johnson, and D.G. Wagner.
Effect of Melengestrol Acetate (MGA) Upon Energetic Efficiency of Feedlot Heifers.
J.E. McCroskey and H.E. Kiesling.
Ruman Fermentation Rates in Steers Fed High Concentrate Rations.
R.R. Johnson.
Relationship Between Laboratory Characteristics and Intake of Bermudagrass by Grazing Steers.
J.E. McCroskey and D.E. Hopson.
Indirect Determination of Forage Intake Using Indicators.
J.E. McCroskey and D.E. Hopson.

Meat & Carcass Evaluation Summary Report

  • Influence of Level of Potassium Intake on Net K40 County in Beef Steers.
    Rodger Johnson, L.E. Walters, and J.V. Whiteman.
  • Net K40 Count as a Predictor of Fat-Free-Lean in Cattle and Swine.
    Lowell E. Walters.
  • Estimation of Fat Thickness and Loin Eye Area by Ultrasound.
    Lowell Walters and Michael May.
  • Mouse Selection Studies as an Aid to Animal Breeding Research.
    R.R. Frahm, I.T. Omtvedt and C.R. McLellan, Jr.
  • Hot Boning of Bovine Muscle.
    C.L. Kastner and R.L. Henrickson.
  • The Effect of Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid on Bovine Myosin Adenosine Triphosphatase.
     J.J. Guenther.
  • Amino Acid Composition of Bovine G-Actin.
     J.J. Guenther.

Swine Summary Report

  • Selection for Crossing Ability in Swine.
    I.T. Omtvedt.
  • Genetic Evaluation of Purebred and Crossbred Performance of Duroc, Hampshire and Yorkshire Swine. 
    I.T. Omtvedt.
  • The Effect of Ration Ingredient Change on Pig Performance.
    W.G. Luce and C.V. Maxwell.
  • The Effects of Temperature and Humidity Upon the Performance of Growing Swine.
    R.A. Battaglia.
  • Nutrient Requirements for Artificially Reared Young Pigs.
    C.V. Maxwell, James A. Coalson, and J.C. Hillier.
  • The Effect of Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition on the Reproductive Performance of Sows and Gilts.
    C.V. Maxwell.
  • Effects of High Ambient Temperatures on Sow Reproductive Performance.
    I.T. Omtvedt, E.J. Turman and D.F. Stephens.

Dairy Summary Report

  • Absorption of Colostral Immunoglobulin by Newborn Dairy Calves.
    L.J. Bush and M.B. Mungle.
  • Methods of Processing Grain for Lactating Dairy Cows.
    B.J. Stevens and L.J. Bush.
  • The Effect of Rate of Freezing on Sperm Cell Characteristics.
    Mark Hodson, Steven Fancy, and Milton Wells.
  • Yeast Culture.
    J.B. Mickle and N.S. Knight
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