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A Comparison of Different Age of Dam Correction Factors for Weaning Weight in Beef Cattle.
Richardo Cardellino and Richard R. Frahm.


Observations on the Performance of Two-Year-Old Holstein-Angus Crossbreds as Compared to Grade Angus Heifers.
G.H. Deutscher, J.V. Whiteman and F.W. Webb.


Practical Usage of Freeze Branding in Oklahoma.
O.E. Hoehne and R.R. Frahm.


Influence of Storage Time on Feeding Value of Whole Reconstituted Milo.
Donald G. Wagner and William Schneider.


Influence of Steaming Time on the Nutritive Value of Steam Flaked Milo.
Donald G. Wager, William Schneider and Robert Renbarger.


Studies on the Nutritive Value of High Moisture Milo Head Chop.
Donald G. Wager, William Schneider and Robert Renbarger.


Two Reconstitution Methods and Steam Flaking for Milo and Tow Levels of Protein Supplementation.
Jerry Martin, Raymond Peck, Milton England, Jack Alexander and Robert Totusek.


Methods of Utilizing the Sorghum and Corn Plants for Finishing Cattle.
Jerry Martin, Raymond Peck, Milton England, Jack Alexander and Robert Totusek.


Evaluation of Live Animal K40 Count as a Predictor of Lean in Beef Bulls.
R.R. Frahm, L.E. Walters, and G.V. Odell.


Grinding and Dry Rolling of Milo and Wheat for Growing Finishing Swine.
W.G. Luce, I.T. Omtvedt and D.F. Stephens.


Calcium and Phosphorus Studies with Young Pigs.
J.A. Coalson, J.C. Hillier, R.D. Washam, E.C. Nelson, and C.V. Maxwell.


Effects of Heat Stress at Various Stages of Pregnancy on Sow Productivity.
Ronnie E. Nelson, I.T. Omtvedt, E.J. Turman, D.F. Stephens, and G.W.A. Mahooney.


A Study of Seasonal Changes in Boar Semen.
Jerry A. Lawrence, E.J. Turman, Travis Rich, Allen Sharp, and J.C. Hillier.


The Influence of Pig Birth Weight on Performance.
I.T. Omtvedt.


Genetic Aspects of Sow Productivity, Growth Rate and Backfat Thickness.
Ronnie L. Edwards and I.T. Omtvedt.


Western vs. Dorset X Western Crossbred Ewes for Fall Lamb Production.
F.A. Thrift, J.V. Whiteman, M.B. Gould, and S.V. Tennery.


Summary Reports on Other Projects


Cow-Calf Summary Report

  • Problems Associated with Induced Superovulation and Superfetaton in Beef Cows.
    E.J. Turman, D.B. Laster, D.F. Stephens, and R.E. Rembarger.
  • The Effect of an Anthelmentic Upon Performance of Spring-Calving Cows Grazing Bermudagrass.
    J.E. McCoskey, S.L. Armbruster, D.F. Stephens and R.Renbarger.
  • The Influence of Level of Milk Production of Brood Cows on Productivity, Supplemental Feed Requirements, and Efficiency of Beef Production.
    Robert Totusek, J.E. McCroskey, D.F. Stephens, L.E. Walters, and J.V. Whiteman.
  • Beef Cattle Selection Studies.
    R.R. Frahm.
  • Mouse Selection Studies.
    I.T. Omtvedt and R.R. Frahm.

Meats Summary Report

  • The Desirability of Pork Products Processed Prior to Chilling.
    R.L. Henrickson, I.T. Omtvedt and Gopel Reddy.
  • The Eating Quality of Beef as Influenced by Age and Muscle Difference.
    R.L. Henrickson, S.G. Reddy and W.A. Gillis.
  • Intermuscular Variation in the Electrophoretic Characteristics of Bovine Muscle Proteins.
    J.J. Guenther.
  • Purification of Bovine G-Actin and the Formation of Its Polymer.
    J.J. Guenther.

Beef Feeding Summary Report

  • Improving the Nutritive Value of Milo for Fattening Beef Cattle.
    D.G. Wagner.
  • A Study of the Effect of Previous Plane of Nutrition and Compensatory Gain Upon Energetic Efficiency of Beef Steers Using Respiration Calorimetry.
    J.E. McCroskey, R.R. Johnson and D.G. Wagner.

Swine Summary Report

  • Preparation of Milo and Wheat for Growing-Finishing Swine.
    W.G. Luce, I.T. Omtvedt and D.F. Stephens.
  • Studies on Myodegeneration Syndrome in Swine.
    G.V. Maxwell, R.L. Henrickson, and R.J. Panciera.
  • Effect of Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition on the Reproductive Performance of Sows and Gilts.
    Charles Maxwell.
  • Study of the Calcium and Phosphorus Requirements of Young Pigs.
    C.V. Maxwell, James A. Coalson and J.C. Hillier.
  • The Effects of Season and Exogenous Hormones on the Reproductive Performance in Swine.
    E.J. Turman, C.V. Maxwell, and J.C. Hillier.
  • Influence of High Ambient Temperatures on Reproductive Performance in Swine.
    I.T. Omtvedt, E.J. Turman, D.F. Stephens and G.W.A. Mahoney.
  • Genetic Evaluation of Purebred and Crossbred Performance of Three Breeds of Swine.
    I.T. Omtvedt.
  • Selection of Crossing Ability in Swine.
    I.T. Omtvedt.
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