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The Experimental Production of Multiple Births in Beef Cows by Hormone Injections.
E.J. Turman, D.B. Laster, R.E. Renbarger, D.F. Stephens, and R.H. Edwards.


Evaluation of the K40 Counter as a Predictor of Lean in Beef Cattle.
C.R. McLellan, Jr., J.V. Whiteman, L.E. Walters, and G.V. Odell.


Sire-Sex Interactions and Sex Differences in Growth and Carcass Traits of Cattle and Carcass Traits of Lambs.
James E. Tanner, Richard R. Frahm, Joe V. Whiteman, and Lowell E. Walters.


Observations on Certain Aspects of Preconditioning Calves.
Robert Totusek and Dwight Stephens.


Methods of Harvesting and Processing the Sorghum and Corn Plants for Finishing Cattle.
Jerry Martin, Raymond Peck, Milton England, Jack Alexander and Robert Totusek.


Grinding Milo Before vs. After Reconstitution.
Dennis White, James Newsom, Vincent Neuhaus and Robert Totusek.


The Effect of Moisture Level on the Feeding Value of Reconstituted Milo.
Dennis White, Robert Totusek.


A Comparison of Dry and High Moisture Methods of Processing Milo.
Dennis White, Robert Renbarger, James Newsom, Vincent Neuhaus and Robert Totusek.


Winter Supplementation of Spring Calving Cows Grazing Midland Bermudagrass Year-Long.
J.E. McCroskey, Stephen Armbruster, Robert Renbarger, Darrell McNutt, and Jack Eason.


A Comparison of Hormones for Heifers Grazing Wheat Pastures.
J.E. McCroskey, Robert Renbarger and Jack Eason.


Urea in Ruminant Nutrition.
Allen D. Tillman.


Reproductive Performance of Ewes Involved in a Twice-Yearly Lambing Program.
W.A. Zollinger, M.B. Gould, S.V. Tennery and J.V. Whiteman.


The Association Between Potassium40 Measurement and Measures of Leanness in Swine.
B.D. Moser, L.E. Walters, J.V. Whiteman, J.C. Hillier, and G.V. Odell.


Heritability Estimates and Phenotypic Correlations for Various Measures of Carcass Meatiness in Swine.
V.G. Arganose and I.T. Omtvedt.


Some Genetic Aspects of Pork Quality.
V.G. Arganose, I.T. Omtvedt, and L.E. Walters.


Wheat vs. Milo for Growing-Finishing Swine.
W.G. Luce, I.T. Omtvedt, D.R. Rule, D.F. Stephens and S.D. Welty.


Summary of Other Projects:

The Eating Quality of Beef as Influenced by Age and Muscle Difference.
R.L. Henrickson.


The Influence of Preweaning Plane of Nutrition on Subsequent Performance of Beef Females.
Robert Totusek.


Selection Procedures for Beef Cattle Improvement.
Richard R. Frahm and Joe V. Whiteman.


The Influence of Supplemental Winter Feeding on Lifetime Performance of Beef Cows.
D.F. Stephens and Robert Totusek.


Non-Protein Nitrogen Studies with Ruminants.
Allen D. Tillman, J.E. McCroskey, R.J. Panciera and E. Williams.


Role of Vitamin E and Selenium in Sheep Reproduction.
Allen D. Tillman, E.C. Nelson, B.L. Osburn and J.E. Smith.


Mineral Interrelationship Studies with Ruminants.
Allen D. Tillman, T.E. Nelson, and L.J. Bush.


Mouse Selection Studies.
Richard R. Frahm and Irvin T. Omtvedt.


Factors Affecting the Energy Value of Feeds and Energetic Efficiency of ruminants.
J.E. McCroskey.


Development of Methods for Relating Forage Properties to Intake and Digestibility.
J.E. McCroskey.


The Effects of Season and Exogenous Hormones on the Reproductive Performance of Swine.
C.V. Maxwell, E.J. Turman and J.C. Hillier.


The Desirability of Pork Products Processed Prior to Chilling.
R.L. Henrickson, A.F. Parr, E.D. Cagle, F.C. Arganosa and Roger Johnson.


Study of the Calcium and Phosphorous.
James A. Coalson, J.C. Hillier, E.C. Nelson, and Charles Maxwell.


Selection for Specific Combining Ability in Swine.
I.T. Omtvedt.


Influenced of High Ambient Temperatures on Reproductive Performance in Swine.
I.T. Omtvedt, E.J. Turman, D.F. Stephens and G.W.A. Mahoney.

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