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Observations on Preconditioned and Preweaned Calves.
Robert Totusek and Norris Whitfield.


One Versus Two Stilbestrol Implants for Suckling Calves.
Robert Totusek.


A Comparison of Cottonseed Meal and Urea in Low Protein Winter Range Supplements for Cattle.
D.L. Williams, J.V. Whiteman, R.S. Pittman, and A.D. Tillman.


The Association Between Sex and Certain Lamb Carcass Characteristics.
Lowell E. Walters, J.V. Whiteman, and Melton Ezell.


Observations Relative to Raising Spring Born Lambs.
W.A. Zollinger, A.A. Ovejera, S.V. Tennery, J.V. Whiteman.


The Age and Weight at Puberty of Some Angus and Angus-Hereford Crossbred Heifers.
E.J. Turman, R.H. Edwards, R.L. Willham and Robert Renbarger.


The Use of an Oral Progestogen, Melengestrol Acetate (MGA), in Controlling the Estrous Cycle of Beef Heifers.
E.J. Turman, R.H. Edwards, and R.E. Renbarger.


The Association Between Beef Carcass Conformation and Carcass Composition.
Lowell E. Walters, Evertt L. Martin, and Robert Renbarger.


Analysis of a Breed Herd Classification Program.
James E. Tanner, Joe V. Whiteman, Richard L. Willham and Weight F. Stephens.


Methods of Processing Milo for Fattening Cattle.
James R. Newsom, Robert Totusek, Robert Renbarger, E.C. Nelson, Larry Franks, Vincent Neuhaus, and Willie Basler.


Energy Requirements of Mature Beef Cows as Influenced by Weight and Level of Milk Production.
S.A. Ewing, Larry Smithson, Craig Ludwig and Dwight Stephens.


Effect of Supplemental Feed and Stilbestrol Implants on the Performance of Heifer Calves Grazing Winter Wheat Pasture.
Robert Renbarger, S.A. Ewing and Dwight Stephens.


Milo vs. Wheat for Fattening Cattle.
Robert Totusek, Larry Franks, James R. Newsom and E.C. Nelson.


The Value of Vitamin E Injections for Feedlot Calves.
Robert Totusek, James E. Tanner, Robert Renbarger, Larry G. Franks and Norris B. Whitfield.


Early Weaning vs. Normal Weaning vs. Creep Feeding of Heifer Calves.
Robert Totusek.


Performance of Beef Calves During a Three Week Pre-weaned Period.
S.A. Ewing, Kern Hendrix and Robert Renbarger.


Seasonal Variation in the Composition and Digestibility of Midland Bermudagrass.
J.E. McCroskey, N.E. Brackett and Robert Renbarger.


Factors Influencing Muscle Fiber Variation.
R.L. Henrickson and W.A. Gillis.


Reproductive Performance of Gilts Following Exposure to Heat Stress Prior to Breeding and in Early Gestation.
Ronnie Edwards, I.T. Omtvedt, E.J. Turman, D.R. Rule, D.F. Stephens, and G.W.A. Mahoney.


Mineral Interrelationship Studies with Ruminants.
Allen D. Tillman, T.E. Nelson, and L.J. Bush.


Role of Vitamin E and Selenium in Sheep Reproduction.
Allen D. Tillman, E.G. Nelson, B.I. Osborn, and J.E. Smith.


Non-Protein Nitrogen Studies with Ruminants.
Allen D. Tillman, J.E. McCroskey, R.J. Panciera and E.I. Williams.


Development of Methods for Relating Forage Properties to Intake and Digestibility.
J.E. McCroskey.


The Effects of Season and Exogenous Hormones on the Reproductive Performance of Swine.
J.C. Hillier and E.J. Turman.


Swine Breeding Research Program.
I.T. Omtvedt.


The Desirability of Pork Products Processed Prior to Chilling.
R.L. Henrickson, I.T. Omtvedt, Gopal Reddy, Allen Parr, Earl Cagle and F. Arganosa.


The Eating Quality of Beef as Influenced by Age and Muscle Difference.
R.L. Henrickson, S.G. Reddy, W.A. Gillis, and W.L. Lee.


Factors Affecting the Energy Value of Feeds and Energetic Efficiency of Ruminants.

J.E. McCroskey.


Selection Procedures for Beef Cattle Improvement.
Richard R. Frahm and Joe V. Whiteman.

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