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The association of beef carcass conformation and the yield of thick and thin meat.
Lowell E. Walters and Everett L. Martin.


Cobalt and Zinc supplementation of “All-Barley” rations for fattening steers.
N.S. Raun, G. Stables, R. Renbarger and L.S. Pope.


The performance of Western vs. Dorset X Western crossbred ewes for fall lamb production.
Joe V. Whiteman, Mike B. Gould, Artemio A. Ovejera and Fred A. Thrift.


The effect of sex on feed lot and carcass traits in swine.
I.T. Omtvedt, C.M. Stanislaw, L.E. Walters, D.R. Rule and P.J. Cunningham.


Some factors associated with the Rebreeding of two-year-old here ford heifers on high, moderate and low levels of winter supplemental feeding.
E.J. Turman, L.S. Pope and D.F. Stephens.


The cumulative influence of level of wintering on the lifetime performance of beef females through five calf crops.
S.A. Ewing, Larry Smithson, L.S. Pope and D.F. Stephens.


Influence of calorie source and bulk on feed intake and performance of finishing steers.
S.A. Ewing, Joe Hughes and Eldon Nelson.


Genetic relationships between growth and carcass traits.
L.V. Cundiff, R.L. Willham and D.F. Stephens.


Preliminary studies on the performance of lambs weaned at 30 to 45 Days of age.
Hudson A. Glimp, Allen D. Tillman and Joe V. Whiteman.


The effect of pre-weaning plane of nutrition on the growth and development of beef calves.
J.J. Guenther, S.A. Ewing and G.V. Odell.


Improving the utilization of Milo for fattening calves: The effect of various supplements.
Curtis W. Absher, Robert Totusek, Robert E. Renbarger and Eldon C. Nelson.


The relationship of animal age to lean, fat and bone in the beef carcass.
R.L. Hendrickson and R.L. Monroe.


Improving overall feed efficiency in swine production.
J.C. Hillier.


Injectable vitamins for range beef cows and calves.

Robert Totusek.


Winter feeding studies with range beef cows: Value of Zinc and constant vs. increasing level of protein.
Robert Totusek.

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