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Continuous vs. night breeding in producing fall born lambs.
Joe V. Whiteman, W.L. Basler and Mike B. Gould.


Effect of feed level before and after calving on the performance of two-year-old heifers.
E.J. Turman, L. Smithson, L.S. Pope, R.E. Renbarger and D.F. Stephens.


Growth and development of beef heifers from weaning to 18 months of age.
L.A. Malkus and R.L. Henrickson.


Observations on the use of 6-methyl-17 acetoxyprogesterone (Provera) for the Synchronization of Estrus in ewes.
Charles W. Nichols and Joe V. Whiteman.


Restricting feed intake to growing-finishing swine.
J.C. Hillier, Marvin Heeney, L.E. Walters and Lynn Bryam.


The feasibility of feeding lambs during the summer, and the effects of two concentrate: Roughage ratios on certain live measurements and carcass composition.
D.G. Ely and Robert L. Noble.


Trace minerals in beef cattle feeding in Oklahoma.
Allen D. Tillman.


Relationship of some growth factors with carcass composition in milk fat weather lambs.
A.W. Munson, L.E. Walters and J.V. Whiteman.


Creep-Feeding fall calves.
J.E. McCoskey, W.D. Campbell and A.B. Nelson. -back to top- 


Comparisons of medicated vs. non-medicated growing rations for pigs.
J.A. Whatley, Jr., D.F. Stephens and David Rule.


Improving the Utilization of Milo for Fattening Calves: Value of fine grinding and supplemental Vitamin.

Robert Totusek, Dwight Stephens and Lowell Walters.


Trace mineral supplements to “All Barley” rations for fattening steers.
R. Rembarger, L.S. Pope and George Waller.


Beef cattle selection studies.
R.L. Willham and D.F. Stephens.


Effect of High or Low Winter Feed Levels in Alternate Years on Growth and Development of Beef Heifers.
L. Smithson, S.A. Ewing, R.E. Renbarger and L.S. Pope.


Factors Influencing Feed and Energy Intake of Steers Fed Conventional and High Concentrate Rations.
Joe Hughes, S.A. Ewing, L.S. Pope and Eldon Nelson.


Fish Flour in Replacement of Dry Buttermilk and Soybean Meal in Starter Rations for Pigs.

J.C. Hillier, Ray Washam and Lynn Bryam

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