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Stilbestrol and Erythromycin for Suckling Beef Calves 
A.B. Nelson, L.R. Kuhnman and W.D. Campbell.


Aureomycin, Stilbestrol and Ruelene Studies with Fattening Lambs in Dry Lot 
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, Richard Pittman and George Waller, Jr.


The Lambing Performance of Different Kinds of Ewes 
Joe V. Whiteman, Richard Pittman and Kenneth Urban.


Studies on the Effect of Microbial Enzyme Preparations upon Gains and Ration Digestibility by Sheep and Cattle 
Allen D. Tillman.


The Effect of Number of Pigs Farrowed Per Litter on Number Weaned, Birth Weight and Weaning Weight 
S.P. Wilson, J.A. Whatley, Jr., and I.T. Omtvedt.


Implanting Steer, Bull and Heifer Calves in a Fat Slaughter Calf Program 
L.S. Pope, E.J. Turman, L.E. Walters, Kenneth Urban and Joe Halbert.


Creep-Feeding Fall Calves 
A.B. Nelson, L.R. Kuhlman and W.D. Campbell.


An Evaluation of the X-Ray Method for Identifying Carriers of the Snorter Dwarf Gene in Beef Cattle
B.J. Rankin, E.J. Turman, B.J. Watkins, Doyle Chambers and Dwight Stephens.


The Influence of Excessive Fatness on the Performance of Beef Females
Robert Totusek, G.L. Holland, E.W. Jones and W.D. Campbell.


Factors Influencing Lamb Gains from Birth to Market Weight 
Rodney B. Harrington, Don G. Brothers, Richard Pittman and Joe V. Whiteman.


Performance Tests with Purebred and Crossbred Pigs from Two Lines of Breeding 
J.A. Whatley, Jr., S.P. Wilson and I.T. Omtvedt.


Wheat Pasture Studies with Western Feeder Lambs 
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, Richard Pittman and George Waller, Jr.


Effect of Different Amounts of Winter Supplement on the Performance of Spring-Calving Beef Cows 
Don Pinney, L.S. Pope, A.B. Nelson, D.F. Stephens and George Waller, Jr.


Lactation and Creep Rations for Sows and Pigs Raised on Pasture and In Confinement 
J.C. Hillier and J. Martin.


Stilbestrol Implants and Urea in Protein Supplements for Wintering Steer Calves and the Effect of Stilbestrol Implants on Subsequent Summer Gains
A.B. Nelson, G.R. Waller and W.D. Campbell.


Effect of Level of Wintering Upon the Growth and Reproductive Performance of Beef Heifers 
Don Pinney, L.S. Pope, Dwight Stephens and George Waller.


Development of Replacement Beef Heifers for Expression of Maternal Traits 
Doyle Chambers, Joe Armstrong and D.F. Stephens.


Pelleted Prairie Hay for Wintering Calves 
A.B. Nelson and R.D. Furr.


Further Studies in Pelleting Rations for Steers 
J.E. McCroskey, L.S. Pope and Kenneth Urban.


Soybean Meal vs. Urea Supplement, With and Without Trace Minerals, in Rations Containing Sorghum Silage or Cottonseed Hulls 
J.H. Sellers, L.S. Pope, Kenneth Urban, L.E. Walters and George Waller.


Effect of Feeding for Rapid vs. Moderate Rates of Gain on Feed Efficiency and Carcass Composition of Steer Calves 
R.F. Hendrickson, R.L. Henrickson. L.S. Pope and George Odell.


Effect of Stilbestrol Implants on Summer Gains and Subsequent Feedlot Performance of Yearling Steers 
A.B. Nelson, L.S. Pope and D.F. Stephens.


Effect of Level of Wintering Fall-Calving Beef Cows and Replacement Heifers 
R.D. Furr, A.B. Nelson, George Waller, Jr., and W.D. Campbell.


Effect of Pelleting and Steam Rolling Milo, With and Without Enzymes, for Fattening Steer Calves 
L.S. Pope, Lowell Walters, George Waller, Jr., and W.D. Campbell.


Feed Prices for 1959-60 Feeders’ Day Report

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