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Comparison of Iron Injections Under Different Types of Management Systems 
I.T. Omtvedt, J.A. Whatley Jr., J.B. Palmer, and D.F. Stephens.


A Comparison of Pasture and Confinement Systems for Raising Hogs 
J.A. Whatley Jr., I.T. Omtvedt, J.B. Palmer, and D.F. Stephens.


The Influence of Sire Upon Some Carcass Characteristics of Angus Steers and Heifers 
Nat M. Kieffer, R.L. Henrickson, Doyle Chambers, and D F. Stephens.


Stilbestrol and an Antibiotic (Erythromycin) for Suckling Beef Calves 
A. B. Nelson, L.S. Pope, E.J. Turman, and Robert Totusek.


The Influence of Excessive Fatness of the Performance of Beef Females -- Preliminary Report 
Robert Totusek, G.L. Holland, E.W. Jones, and W.D. Campbell.


Aureomycin Studies With Fattening Lambs in Dry Lot 
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, Richard Pittman, and George Waller Jr.


Wheat Pasture Studies With Western Feeder Lambs 
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, Richard Pittman, and George Waller Jr.


Comparison of Two Methods of Preparing Barley for Fattening Steer Calves 
Kenneth Urban, L.S. Pope, and Dwight Stephens.


Growing and Finishing Hogs With Free-Choice vs. Complete Rations; Pelleted vs. Meal Ration; Ground vs. Whole Milo 
J.C. Hillier and J.J. Martin.


The Relative Value of Six Varieties of Milo for Growing and Finishing Swine 
J.C. Hillier, J.J. Martin, and G.R. Waller.


Mineral Supplementation of Weathered Range Grass When Fed in Wintering Rations of Cattle 
Allen D. Tillman and Robert J. Sirny.


The Value of Aureomycin in Wintering Rations for Heifer Calves 
A.B. Nelson and R.D. Furr


Fattening Beef Calves With Pelleted Rations Containing Different Concentrate : Roughage Ratios 
J.E. McCroskey, L.S. Pope, and Kenneth Urban.


Effect of Different Levels of Wintering on the Performance of Spring-Calving Beef Cows
J.E. Zimmerman, L.S. Pope, A.B. Nelson, and D.F. Stephens.


Carcass Studies With Steers, Bulls, and Stilbestrol-Implanted Bulls Sold as Slaughter Calves 
D.H. Pilkington, L.E. Walters, L.S. Pope, G.V. Odell and D.F. Stephens.


Effect of Level of Wintering Upon the Growth and Reproductive Performance of Beef Heifers 
J.E. Zimmerman, L.S. Pope, Kenneth Urban, and D.F. Stephens.


Levels of Supplemental Winter Feeding of Beef Cows and Creep-Feeding Fall Calves R.D. Furr, A.B. Nelson, W.D. Campbell, and G.R. Waller.


Effect of Feeding for Rapid vs. Moderate Rates of Gain on Feed Efficiency and Carcass Composition of Steer Calves. 
R.F. Hendrickson, R.L. Henrickson, L.S. Pope, George Odell.


The Effect of Early Weaning on Creep-Fed Milk Lambs Grazing Wheat Pasture 
Don G. Brothers, Joe V. Whiteman, and Richard Pittman.


Stilbestrol Implants and Urea in Protein Supplements for Wintering Steer Calves and the Effect of Stilbestrol Implants on Subsequent Summer Gains. 
A.B. Nelson, W.L. Brock, G.R. Waller, and W.D. Campbell.


Effects of Feeding or Injecting Certain Tranquilizers on Beef Cattle  Performance, and Residues in the Carcass 
R.L. Henrickson, A.B. Nelson, W.J. Costello, Kenneth Urban, L.S. Pope, G.V. Odell, and H.W. Reuber.


Effect of Stilbestrol Implants on Summer Gains and Subsequent Feedlot Performance of Yearling Steers 
A.B. Nelson, L.S. Pope, and D.F. Stephens.


Soybean Meal vs. Urea Supplement, With and Without Trace Minerals, for Fattening Yearling Steers

L.S. Pope, Kenneth Urban, L.E. Walters, and George Waller.


Rolled vs. Pelleted Milo, and Certain Feed Additives for Fattening Steer Calves 
L.S. Pope, L.E. Walters, George Waller, and W.D. Campbell


Feed Prices for 1959 Feeders’ Day Report.

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