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Breakfast Helps Set the Stage for Academic Success

Figuring out how to slide breakfast into an already jam-packed morning routine can be tricky or overwhelming. However, there are some strategies that can make it less challenging. 

Calming Those New-School-Year Jitters

As exciting as it might be to begin a new school year, students and parents alike likely will be suffering some anxiety as well, especially with COVID-19 safeguards still a concern.

Children’s Risk of Exposure to Head Lice Goes Up in Group Settings

When children are close together in group situations, an unintended consequence could be increased risk of exposure to head lice.

College Students Should Budget, Too

College students aren’t known for having a lot of money on hand, but that’s precisely why it’s even more important that they budget their finances. 

Extracurricular Activities Help Kids Make the Grade, Learn Life Lessons

Music, theatre, sports, debate and similar activities do an excellent job of keeping children occupied throughout the late afternoon and early evening until working parents can make it home. 

For Parents, Empty Nest Can Be Full of Promise

Ensuring a child’s well-being is a fulltime job, which many researchers have attributed as a significant reason why studies show that marital quality on average takes a hit when kids alter the family dynamic. 

Make Healthy Choices for After-School Snacking

After a long day behind the desk, school-age children likely will want a snack when they get home to tide them over until dinner time.

Plan Ahead to Manage Back-to-School Costs

While Oklahoma school children anticipate returning to school, parents may be feeling a little anxious about the back-to-school shopping frenzy and extra expenses. The good news for caregivers is there is no need to bust the family budget. 

Safely Walking and Riding a Bicycle to School

Walkers and bikers need to obey all traffic signs, signals and laws, and follow the instructions of adult school crossing guards.

Tips for Packing Safe School Lunches

Insulated, soft-sided lunch boxes are the best options for keeping cold foods cold. For extra assurance, include a frozen ice pack or a frozen juice box. 

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