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The Oklahoma Farm Family Account Book

This farm account book has been prepared for families to keep a record of the financial transactions of the farm. Many farm families attribute their success to keeping records during a period of years.


The incentives for keeping records are the greatest farmers have ever known. The Internal Revenue Service is re-checking more tax returns, and examining farm returns to make sure operators are treating the business as a business and not a hobby, therefore, it will be necessary for farmers to have their financial transactions in the best possible business order. Do not worry if records do not balance to the exact penny. The primary purpose is not bookkeeping, but money management. This circular provides a record-keeping system for farm records to help make better decisions, verify income and expenses, and complete your tax forms.



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Fact Sheet
Liabilities Schedule

An explanation of what a liabilities schedule consists of, the different subjects within the schedule and why each subject is important.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Guía de Planificación del Huerto para Oklahoma

Los huertos caseros bien planificados y mantenidos pueden suministrar a los hogares de Oklahoma vegetables frescos desde la primavera hasta el otoño. Estos alimentos de alta calidad, nutritivos y sabrosos pueden ser consumidos de inmediato, procesados o almacenados para el uso durante el invierno.

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