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Required Training for Paraquat Applicators

In accordance with EPA’s 2016 Paraquat Dichloride Human Health Mitigation Decision, applicators are required to take an EPA-approved paraquat training program every three years in order to mix, load, apply or handle paraquat.


What Does this Mean?

All certified applicators who intend to apply paraquat (as mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA) must complete the paraquat training requirement.


Where and How to Take the Training

Every certified applicator needs to go the eXtension link:  How To Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Products (eXtension Online Campus).


Log in by clicking on the 'Long in' button at the top, right side of the page. An e-mail will then be sent to your Google or Microsoft account. Confirm the account by clicking on the link in the e-mail.


Log in under your Google or Microsoft account. If you do not have a Google or Microsoft account, you will need to create an account by clicking on the ‘Create New Account’ button at the bottom of the page.


Create a self-selected username and password and fill out the other required information.


After your registration has been confirmed, click on the ‘My Courses’ button and select ‘Paraquat’.


You can then participate in the ‘How To Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Products’ course.


What’s Next?

Complete the online course by clicking on the ‘Click To Take The Online Course’. This will take you to the online course where you will click the ‘Enter’ button.


Finally, this will open a new window with the actual course. After watching each of the modules of the training course, click on the ‘Course Homepage’ button. This will return you to the ‘How To Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Products’ page. At the bottom, left side of the page, you will see ‘Take The Final Assessment’. Click on the ‘Final Assessment’ link. The link will take you to the final quiz page. You must complete the 15-question quiz and make a 100% on the quiz before receiving a Certificate of Completion. Click on the ‘Certificate of Completion’ link at the bottom of the page and select ‘Get Certificate’. Print a copy of the certificate for your records.


For How Long is the Certificate/Training Good?

The certificate expires three years from the date of completion.


Can Anyone Purchase Paraquat?

No, paraquat is a restricted use pesticide (RUP) and can only be purchased by certified or private applicators.


Cotton close up.

Figure 1. Cotton close up.


Pea close up.

Figure 2. Pea close up.


Todd Baughman
Weed Science Professor

Misha Manuchehri
Weed Science Extension Specialist

Kevin Shelton
Pesticide Coordinator

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