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Habitat Evaluation Guide for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken

This circular discusses the Lesser Prairie-chicken, and ways to develop and protect the habitat. Oklahoma is home to two species of prairie-chickens: the greater prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) and the lesser prairiechicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus). Prairie chickens are the only two species of grouse found in Oklahoma. The greater prairie-chicken is found in the tallgrass areas of northeastern Oklahoma, while the more uncommon lesser prairie-chicken is found in the northwestern portion of the state including the panhandle. Lesser prairie-chickens (LPC) occur in shortgrass and mixed grass prairies, sand shinnery grasslands and sand sagebrush grasslands.



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Minimizing Impacts to Wildlife from Livestock Infrastructure

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Research Summary: The Science of Scent and Implications for Northern Bobwhite

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Research Summary: Evaluation of Northern Bobwhite and Scaled Quail in Western Oklahoma

An explanation of a study on the survival, nesting, temperature, water and energy needs of quail populations in their natural habitats.

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