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Washita County

Free Fair & Junior Livestock Show
Join us February 25-27, 2024 for the 83rd Washita County Junior Livestock Show


Livestock Show Information


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Show Rules & Regulations

  1. To show in the Washita County Junior Livestock Show, an exhibitor must attend a school in Washita County, as well as be an official member of Washita County 4-H or FFA.
    1. Exhibitors that are unable to show due to Covid or Covid Related issues can be on the add on list or may have a substitute Showman show their animal.
  2. Youth who have been declared ineligible in extracurricular activities by their local school administration will be declared ineligible to participate in this show.
  3. If exhibitor is ineligible, the animal owned by the exhibitor is also ineligible for the show.
  4. All entries must be OYE nominated except for prospect steers, broilers, heifers, and breeding ewes; which must be owned by the exhibitor for at least 30 consecutive days before the show.
  5. Each exhibitor must wear OYE-approved apparel while showing.
  6. Exhibitors will be limited to entering three market swine, three market sheep, three market goats, two market steers, two prospect steers and three broilers. Each exhibitor may enter three animals in the breeding classes.
  7. Ribbons and premiums will be awarded as noted in each division in this brochure.
  8. Exhibitors will not be permitted to remain on the fairgrounds without adult supervision between the hours of 11:30 p.m. & 7:00 a.m.
  9. All exhibitors chosen for the Premium Sale must take a photo with their sale animal at the backdrop before they leave the show barn on Monday – show day. The photographer will be available throughout the show and for an hour after the conclusion of the entire livestock show.
  10. No animal may leave the grounds except with the permission of the show superintendent.
  11. Any and all disputes shall be settled by the department superintendent concerned.


Premium Sale Rules & Procedures

  1. The exhibitors of the top 20 percent plus two of the following divisions are eligible for the Premium Sale: market swine, gilts, market lambs, ewes, market goats, does, broilers, market steers, heifers and prospect steers. Grand and Reserve Grand Champions will be counted in the 20 percent.
  2. Animals in each division will be evaluated and ranked by the official show judge only.
  3. An exhibitor can only sell one animal in the Premium Sale. He/she may parade all Grand and/or Reserve Grand Champions, but can only sell one in the sale.
  4. Should an exhibitor qualify more than one animal from more than one division for the sale, the highest ranking animal in the sale order in that division will be sold.
  5. If an exhibitor qualifies more than one animal from more than one species, and the animals are of equal ranking in the sale order, the market animal supersedes the breeding animal. If markets are equal placing, exhibitor decides.
  6. A guaranteed sale spot that is not used will be assigned to another show category within the same species first (example: a ewe sale spot would go to the market lambs). If not needed within the species, then it will go to the next species with lowest percentage in the sale. When more than one sale spot is available, they will be assigned one at a time from lowest to highest percentage species then repeated until all spots are used.
  7. No Champions are guaranteed to be in the Premium Sale.
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