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The Washington County Master Gardener Association began in 2001. We are a group of volunteer gardeners, trained by Oklahoma State University Extension in research-based, horticulture information. The Master Gardener program has been adopted by Extension Service in most states.


Our purpose is to assist the local county extension director to meet the local demands for consumer horticulture information from the urban gardener. We dispense gardening information through interaction with the public in a variety of venues- brown bag lecture series, information booths, plant clinics and answering questions in the extension office.



Master Gardener Classes

If you would like to join in the fun of becoming a Washington County Master Gardener, call the Extension Office to get your name and contact information on the list for the next set of classes. Our primary purpose is to help local Extension staff respond to urban gardening questions, as well as presenting educational gardening information to the local community. These two, primary activities are how we gain a great amount of knowledge about proper maintenance and care of plants.



OSU Extension has published hundreds of Fact Sheets on the topic of Earth-Kind Gardening!

Pest Control

  • Pest e-alerts  provide current information on pests that are active at the time and recommends what action to take. History is also provided to help predict what pests to expect during each season.
  • Kelly Solutions website has several search options to find treatment products for various pests.
  • Correct Weed identification is important in order to select a preferred method of control.


Soil Temperature & Moisture

An easy way to check Washington County’s current average temperature is to look at the Oklahoma Mesonet sites of Copan, Nowata and Skiatook. Look at the average soil temperature, 4” below bare topsoil. It is interesting to watch the soil temperature maps during our hot summers. Hot soil stresses plants and causes them to try to protect roots as well as the plant above soil level from the heat.


Choosing Plants for the Garden

As water supplies continue to be a growing concern across our country, you may wish to choose plants that, once established, are more drought tolerant to reduce your water consumption. Check these information links to help you choose those hardy plants.


Gardening Tasks

The OSU sponsored Oklahoma Gardening TV Show on OETA provides weekly information on various topics. Read the Show Notes from each program. Most viewers will also enjoy the short Videos by Category that are also available.


Bug and Animal Identification Sources

Bug Identification Guide.  Check out the following when you find something to identify.


Social Media

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