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The Tulsa County Free Fair began in 1903 at the Western Association baseball park The Tulsa County Fair in 1903 at the Western Association baseball park at Archer and Boston in downtown Tulsa.located at Archer and Boston in downtown Tulsa.  With enactment of the Oklahoma Free Fair Act in 1915, a 15-acre tract of land north of Archer and Lewis was purchased to provide more suitable grounds for the annual county fair.  In 1923, thanks to a land donation from J.E. Crosbie, the fair was moved to a portion of the present Expo Square between 15th and 21st Streets.  Passage of a major bond issue of $500,000 provided for the construction of the Pavilion in 1931.  The fair board acquired land adjacent to the gift acreage in later year, and the “Tulsa State Fair” was born. 


The annual Tulsa County Fair has been held every year since 1903 as a way for individuals to show fair exhibits they have worked on all year while learning new skills or improving existing skills.  Exhibitors also have the opportunity to share what they have learned with others during the Tulsa County Fair.   


Fair Information

Exhibitors must comply with all rules and regulations of the Tulsa County Fair.


Only enrolled Tulsa County 4-H members can enter in the 4-H exhibits, but any resident age 5 and up of Tulsa County or any member of a Tulsa County extension based organization such as: 4-H, Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE), Master Gardeners, or Master Wellness, may enter in the Tulsa County Fair Open Class.



  • Rules and Regulations
    1. ELIGIBILITY - Exhibition in this department is open to all
      enrolled 4-H members from Tulsa County.
    2. 4-H members who are 8 and in the 3rd grade by
      September 1 are eligible to exhibit in competitive classes
      — Sections 300–325.
    3. 4-H Cloverbud members may enter in Section 326 and
      Section 500 - Open Class Youth.
    4. 4-H exhibits are entered and displayed at the risk of the
    5. 4-H members should be enrolled in the project area to
    6. NO exhibits may be entered more than one time and
      each exhibit must have been made by the exhibitor
      during the last year, except for classes which are a
      collection and are added to in successive years.
    7. Exhibits should be permanently signed and dated, in
      an inconspicuous location, if material permits. Some
      exhibits that should be signed and dated are posters,
      most arts and crafts including fine art, ceramics,
      woodworking and wood crafts, herbarium cards, seed
      boards, forestry and wood sample exhibits and model
    8. 4-H members who enter crops and horticulture must be
      able to prove that such crops entered in his/her name
      were produced by the member during the current year.
    9. At the county fair, 4-H indoor exhibits will be selected for
      the Tulsa State Fair by the judges in the respective area. A
      “selected for state fair” sticker will be placed on all indoor
      exhibits selected for the state fair. 4-H and FFA livestock
      exhibitors are eligible to enter the Tulsa State Fair regardless
      of county placing.
  • 2021 4-H Fair Book



  • Rules and Regulations
    1. All livestock and showmanship entries must be completed by the show’s on-line entry deadline August 16, 2019.
    2. Registration papers on breeding beef and breeding sheep must be in the name of the exhibitor and be presented to the superintendent at the time of entry.
    3. Exhibits must have been owned and fed by Tulsa County 4-H or FFA members for a minimum of 60 days.
    4. Except for an emergency, exhibitors will be required to show their own animal. Examples of emergencies are: illness, significant personal or family accidents, etc. In the event of an emergency, permission must be obtained from the species superintendent and Extension personnel to allow another 4-H or FFA member to show for them. In the event the same exhibitor has two or more animals that are required to show at the same time, the owner-exhibitor can have a bonafide 4-H or FFA member show the second or more animals for them without seeking committee approval.
    5. All exhibitors must show their own animals in the showmanship contest.
    6. Animals shown in showmanship contest must be officially entered in the 2019 Tulsa County Fair.
    7. All youth who are 4-H or FFA members may enter showmanship
    8. Livestock barns close at 12:00 midnight.
    9. Health: Should the health of an animal be questioned, visual inspection will be made by the species superintendent or a veterinarian. Any animal not passing will be removed from the barn.
    10. All animals must be checked in during the designated check-in times.
    11. All animals requiring weigh-in must be weighed-in during designated weigh-in times. Failure to weigh-in during designating time will result in the animals’ disqualification.
    12. All swine must have the original negative pseudo-rabies and Brucellosis test results form with ear tag in place as required by State Department of Agriculture. Premise I.D. will be required.
    13. Poultry must have the valid original pullorum test results form at entry.
    14. Horses must have original current negative Coggins certificate (dated within 12 months of show).
    15. Exhibitors will be required to wear the official emblem of the organization they represent. 4-H members may wear official 4-H jacket, a collared shirt with a 4-H emblem, or a collared shirt with a 4-H patch or arm band Poultry and rabbit exhibitors will wear official apron when showing in 4-H or FFA jacket.
    16. All exhibitors must be a member of a certified Tulsa County 4-H Club or FFA Chapter 30 days prior to show.
      Exhibitors must have their social security number on pre-entry forms to receive premium money.
    17. Cages and stalls will only be provided for animals that are officially entered into the Tulsa County Free Fair.
    18. Exhibitors must furnish feed. No straw is allowed for bedding except in the dairy goat division.
    19. Market animals may be purebred or crossbred. If necessary, a committee will determine breed classification.
    20. The Tulsa County Junior Livestock Show Committee shall have authority to settle questions which may arise concerning the show. Only the show committee is allowed in the show ring and scale area during weigh-in.
    21. Decision of judge and superintendent is final. There will be no protest.
    22. Failure to abide by the rules of the show shall cause forfeiture of all premiums and awards, and further participation in the Tulsa County Fair.
    23. In no case shall the Tulsa County Junior Livestock Show Committee or Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority be responsible for any loss, damage, or disability.
    24. Exhibitors in the Rabbit Division must remove their animals from the cage and place on the judging table. Should a substitute showman be necessary, in case of emergency, the substitute must be an official 4-H or FFA member.Adults are not permitted to show the junior members animals.
    25. Judges for all species will receive written confirmation with RSVP one week prior to show.
    26. The Tulsa County Junior Livestock Show Committee reserves the right to adjust premium amounts due to availability of amount budgeted for the 2018 Tulsa County Fair.
    27. NO PREMIUM CHECKS WILL BE MAILED. All Premium checks will be available to pick up at the OSU Extension Center September 16 -- September 27, 2019. All premium checks not picked up by September 27th will be voided. All premium checks not cashed by 60-days of issue date will bevoided… funds will no longer be available to cover the checks.
    28. This is a youth and family event. Responsible conduct is expected and required at all times. Profanity or any other offensive language, abusive conduct or act by an exhibitor Extension Educator, Vo-Ag Instructor,parent, or 4-H leader will be considered a violation of the Show Ring Code of Ethics and will be subject to the penalties outlined in the Show Ring Code of Ethics. Abusive conduct is defined as, but not limited to; aggressively touching, verbally or physically threatening show officials and/or throwing objects in the presence of show officials.
  • 2019 Livestock Fair Book
  • Poultry Entry Form
  •  Rabbit Entry Form


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