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Kylie Space

Kylie Space Headshot
Tulsa County

Extension Education/Multi-Co Specialist - Urban

4116 East 15th StreetTulsa, OK 746-3719

About Me

I’m a graduate of East Central University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in family and consumer sciences (FCS). My previous work experience includes serving as an Extension program assistant in Garvin County and teaching FCS education at Wellston High School.


In my teaching role, I focused on removing the stigma around the FCS discipline. It’s not just about cooking, sewing and basic life skills—I want to teach kids that FCS is based on living and breathing science in the home, at school or in the workforce. Even in the simple task of baking cookies, chemicals are reacting in the dough and basic chemistry is at work. I often partnered with my school’s ag teachers to demonstrate how food, nutrition and safety is relevant in both of our worlds. As an FCS instructor, I taught science and agriculture every day. Incorporating STEM education into schools has been one of the biggest trends in recent years, but it’s always been part of agriculture.


My childhood involved a rural lifestyle, and I enjoy sharing with others the lessons of agriculture. I plan to host after-school enrichment programs at elementary schools where kids can participate in ag literacy and STEM activities. I will partner with my local 4-H educators to hold a one-day camp to discuss the importance of water safety and how to naturally clean water. Also, I hope to invite children to a STEM Day in our Extension office and teach programming from the National Youth Science Day curriculum (4-H STEM Challenge), including stations on solar power, wind energy, robotics and coding.



  • 4-H STEM Challenge
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