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Child and Family Development

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Urban 4-H

About Me

My mission as an urban 4-H educator is diversity. I strive to ensure that all youth in Tulsa County are provided the same 4-H opportunities and experiences I had as a member of YFR 4-H in Tulsa County. I have a lifelong passion for the 4-H program. 


Today, I focus on taking standard 4-H curricula, manipulating it and delivering it to underserved, at-risk audiences who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to participate in 4-H. The urban 4-H program provides enriching opportunities for children, youth and families to pursue during out-of-school time.


My work as an urban 4-H educator lies directly within my field of expertise. My educational background specialized in child advocacy and field work with low income, culturally diverse children, youth and families. In my field studies, I surveyed and assessed residents at various Tulsa Housing Authority locations and provided weekly assistance at the Tulsa Housing Authority Head Start program. As an urban 4-H educator, I use the knowledge I gained from my field studies to create programs that fit the needs of the people I serve. I hold a bachelor of science degree in psychology with a minor in child and family development.



  • Chick Embryo Project
  • Tribal 4-H
  • Shooting Sports 4-H Club
  • Traditional 4-H programs
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