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What is 4-H?

The Oklahoma 4-H Program is full of opportunities for your family to work, play and learn together. 4-H is kids having fun and learning with their friends. 4-H is a volunteer led, educational program that supplements the teaching of home, church, and school.  It is an informal educational program for all boys and girls 9 to 18 years of age whether they live in town, the country, or on a farm.



The basic philosophy in 4-H is to strengthen the mental, physical, moral, and social development of boys and girls, therefore helping develop more desirable citizens and leaders.  The main objective is through participation in projects, events, and various activities.



Although there is no membership for 4-H, you are expected to pay for the cost of your projects whether it's raising an animal, building a birdhouse or baking a cake. There may also be a fee for camps, conferences, workshops or seminars and similar programs. 

Why join 4-H?

  • Do you want to feel that you belong?
  • Do you want to achieve?
  • Do you want to become independent?
  • Do you want adventure?
  • Do you want to feel cared for?

The variety of "learning by doing" projects, activities, events, make up the 4-H Programs and contribute to meeting these needs.  Also achievement, responsibility, discipline and recognition help to make 4-H satisfying.

How do I join a 4-H Club?

Any boy or girl residing in or attending school in Oklahoma may enroll in Oklahoma 4-H after he or she has reached age nine or has completed the third grad; whichever comes first.


To show livestock in the fall at the state fairs members must have a 4-H enrollment card on file in the county office and have reached the age of 8 by July 1.  To show in the spring, youth must be 8 and enrolled by January 1. Cloverbud membership will be granted to children 5-7 years old.


The Cloverbud program is family-oriented and non-competitive.  Due to the development skills of this age group, Cloverbud members will not be permitted to participate in events where they or their projects are compared or judged against their peers.  Cloverbud members may participate in non-competitive activities on a local or county basis as deemed appropriate by the OSU Extension Staff and Parent/Volunteer Council.  Once Cloverbuds reach age 8 years old they can transition into competitive 4-H programs.


Boys and girls may remain in 4-H as members provided they have not reached the age of 19 years on or before January 1.  Youth who reach or pass their 19th birthday while completing their senior year may remain in 4-H for the remainder of that school year and may exhibit at the State Fair. 


The "4-H Year" will be based on a fiscal and program year beginning September 1 and ending August 31.  Ages for the 4-H year will be based on age on January 1 of that program year.  Members may enroll at any time during the year provided they meet the age requirement.


If you know of a 4-H club in your area, contact one of the members or leaders.  You can and your family can attend a club meeting so you can learn more.  If you do not know of a club in your area, contact the Sequoyah County OSU Extension Center.  Membership is open year round.

4-H History

First, 4-H work, as we know it, began around 1900 as a means of reaching parents with improved farm and home practices.  It was based on the assumption that if new ideas were instilled in the minds of the youngsters they would in turn convince the parents to try these innovations.


Secondly, the reason 4-H was developed was because the schools were not meeting the needs and interest of rural youth.  The first organized 4-H Clubs were small groups covering one topic such as beef, corn, gardening, and canning.


OSU Extension

The Cooperative Extension Service is a cooperative undertaking by the United States Department of Agriculture, the land-grant colleges (Oklahoma State University), and the county commissioners.


The extension service provides up-to-date information from the classroom and laboratory to the people of the state.  Extension brings back to the University problems which can be solved by careful study and research.


The purpose of the County Extension Service is to provide instruction and practical demonstrations in Agriculture, Marketing, Family Consumer Science, 4-H and Youth Development, and Community Resources Development to all persons in the county.  Oklahoma State University hire's college trained agents in Agriculture, Family Consumer Science, and 4-H and youth to plan and conduct the respective programs in the county.

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