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County Cattlemen's Association

Come be a part of a great County Cattlemen's Association.  We meet approximately 5-6 times a year for educational programs relating to current agricultural issues and topics.  Highlights of the year include our Annual Summer BBQ in August and our Christmas Dinner in December.


Dues are $20 per year, per family.  A great bargain anyway you look at it.  If you have an idea for a specific program or would like to join as a member, contact the OSU Extension office at (918) 696-2253.


Brand registration

Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association


Forage Concerns Data Sheets

Click on the links to know more about Forage Concerns

Weed and Brush Control

Cowboy Sprayer Calibration, methods for calibrating either a boom or bootless sprayer without math using measured distance and a watch with a second hand. 


Testing fees

  • Soil $10.00
  • Litter $25.00
  • Water, Forage/Feed Mix-Priced according to test requested.
  • Amount of testing materials
  • Soil-1 Pint
  • Litter-1 Quart
  • Water-1Pint
  • Forage/Feed Mix-1 Quart


Soil, bring to OSU Extension office in a plastic bag (1 pint). If more than one bag is being tested, please identify each bag with a description that you will know where they came from.


  • Litter, bring to OSU Extension office in a heavy plastic bag (1 quart) with your name, address and phone number written on the bag.
  • Liquid Litter, plastic containers are available for you to transfer litter from your glass (1 Pint) or plastic container.
  • Water, (minerals only) plastic container available for transfer from your glass (1 Pint) or plastic container.
  • Forage/Feed Mix, bring a quart of material to be tested.
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